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Next Floki, Love Hate Inu Raises $6.8 Million – Invest in Trusted Projects, Avoid Big Eyes Warns Dawkins

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 7 min read
Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.
Source / LHINU

Tuesday April 25th, 2023 The meme coin everyone is talking about, Love Hate Inu, has raised $6.8 million in its presale in the space of just seven weeks. 

The crypto-powered vote-to-earn platform has pulled in $1.5 million of that amount since Friday as interest mushrooms.

FOMO is pumping up the run rate as investors pour in to buy at the lowest available prices. In the past 12 hours alone the presale has raised around $500,000 as it surged into the penultimate Stage 7 of its fundraising.

Currently costing $0.000135, the price increases by 7.4% to $0.000145 in the final stage of the presale (Stage 8). There are 10 days left allocated to Stage 7 and only $1.45m to raise. 

At the present rate of progress Stage 7 will sell out in two or three days, maybe sooner. There really is no time to lose to secure the $0.000135 price before the final rise. 

Buy now to get the lowest token price in the hottest meme coin of the year

Consequently, those considering buying $LHINU need to move quickly before the price rises.

The token will launch at a price point of $0.000145.

The Love Hate Inu project has hit upon a viral formula that everyone can understand: vote on the people and things you love or hate.

FOMO is taking off. 

The overwhelming response to Love Hate Inu is a testament to the strength of its business model. Giving its users the opportunity to vote on personalities – and anything else they love or hate – has captured the imagination of the crypto community.

Voting systems have long been touted as perfectly suited for the adoption of blockchain technology. 

It looks like it is the virality of meme coins and the equally viral illustrations the Love Hate Inu team is creating that will propel blockchain voting into the mainstream.

Love Hate Inu’s presale is the hottest meme coin of the year – analysts are rating it highly

Love Hate Inu CEO Carl Dawkins: “There are some that hate success and have no ideas of their own”

CEO Carl Dawkins,an adviser to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Crypto and Digital Assets, who took the helm a couple of weeks ago, expects the token to smash its $10m hard cap.

“I told our social team I expected we would hit $6 million on Monday morning and it has come to pass on cue,” Dawkins notes.

Dawkins’s success with a previous meme coin, Tamadoge, is following him to Love Hate Inu.

On Monday a $100,000 buy took Love Hate Inu over the $6 million line in spectacular fashion, which augurs well for the launch.

“But there are some that hate success and have no ideas of their own and therefore seek to blatantly copy other projects. In a way, that is a backhanded compliment,” as Dawkins explains.

“So there’s this project called Big Eyes that has been following me around, or at least the team has, in a social media way. They basically copied pretty much everything that Tamadoge did and no doubt there will be similar imitators springing up around Love Hate Inu.

“Big Eyes copied Tamadoge and attacked me” – Dawkins

Dawkins continued: “They copied Tamadoge and attacked me. In August-September they had a few more pops, but couldn’t say anything because TAMA absolutely smashed it. 

“Everything was copied: very similar style of graphics, they copied our Gleam giveaway two days after the Tamadoge one started. Then they had a $200,000 giveaway that just disappeared from the website.

Then there’s the question of their audit and KYC. “Their audit from Solidity Finance is problematic,” says Dawkins. “I spoke to Solidity and they confirmed that the audit that is on the Big Eyes website is not the audit that Solidity Finance did. I have the email.”

“Then there’s the Coinsniper issue. Some of the project’s supporters say “Hey look, they are verified on Coinsniper”. But look a little closer on there and Coinsniper says we actually can’t verify them. This is beyond laughable. It is such a testament to people not actually reading something.”

“It’s the personal thing for me because in the time that Big Eyes has been around, and started attacking me, I’ve done Tamadoge and made history; launched that project and got it listed on almost 20 exchanges; become CEO of Love Hate Inu, started the token and the product, doing the presale and will have launched on CEX and DEX, all before these guys even finish their presale.”

Source / LHINU

Are investor funds safe locked up in Big Eyes’ never-ending presale?

Dawkins thinks the Big Eyes’ continual rolling presale is a matter of investor safety. 

“I had a go at them for user safety in January. So many people could have made money investing in other tokens, rather than have their money locked up in a never-ending presale.”

“But I’m thick-skinned and I can take their nonsense. What I want to say today is as a warning to the crypto community at large. We need to call out the bad actors for the sale of the good guys in our industry.”

So what is Dawkins getting at exactly? 

“Big Eyes has been in presale since August and it now says it is going to end on June 3rd. But there is no information about claiming the tokens or a launch date for the project.”

“Those who bought in August 2022 are now left wondering: will the presale ever end? The latest from the Big Eyes team is that they are giving 300% bonuses if you buy now, which means there was absolutely no point buying in the early stages. That makes no sense.”

“This is a 15-stage presale and the past 6 stages have all had 100% bonus or 200% bonus etc.”

“Their community is getting so annoyed because people that bought in October have had their money locked up for six months, which is ridiculous, those people may as well have bought yesterday. So the stages are actually irrelevant,” adds Dawkins.

“There is no transparency, they have never done an AMA. They don’t do Twitter Spaces. It is insane.”

There are no wallets with $34 million in them. That number is false

Dawkins then comes to the issue of the amount Big Eyes says it has raised. “They claim to have raised nearly $34 million but in truth they haven’t raised that much. I’ve been following the contract and the real figure is a maximum of $6m.”

“You can buy with BNB, USDT and Ethereum, like with Love Hate Inu. We tell people you can buy with BNB, but you can only claim on the Ethereum chain. Big Eyes hasn’t been transparent at all.

“When they get paid in BNB they are buying Ethereum in the presale themselves on the same contract. There are no wallets with $34 million in them. That number is false. 

“So think about it – if you buy $1 million worth and you get a 300% bonus then that becomes $4 million, but you haven’t actually bought $4m.”

Do your due diligence and invest in trustworthy and transparent projects like Love Hate Inu

The long and short of this sorry tale is that in the crypto space investors have to do their due diligence. You can’t take at face value what many meme coins teams say on its websites and social media.

It is a ‘design feature’ of many meme coins that the team is anonymous and that this supposedly adds to the allure of the project.

But in truth it marks projects out to be unsafe for investors to invest in. 

By contrast Love Hate Inu is headed up by a well known personality in crypto who also happens to be an adviser to a UK parliamentary committee.

If you are looking for stellar returns in the meme coins sector, stick with Love Hate Inu. Its vote-to-earn technology is not just an excellent example of blockchain utility, the project is transparent and led by a team you can trust. 

How to buy the Love Hate Inu – the next Shiba Inu

Love Hate Inu is a fair presale because 90% of the total supply of 100 billion tokens are on offer to the public. The generous allocation means there are no worries about the possibility of a rug pull by scammy developers or team members.

Investors can buy Love Hate Inu using ETH, BNB or USDT (Tether stablecoin). 

There is also no vesting period for the $LHINU token, which means buyers receive 100% of their purchase before the public listing.

Buy Love Hate Inu Now

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.