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Next 10x Meme Coin Dogeverse Launches on DEXs Wednesday 5th June, Next

Gary McFarlane
Last updated: | 3 min read

Eagerly awaited multichain meme coin Dogeverse lists on decentralized exchanges on Wednesday 5th June at 10am UTC. Presale buyers will be able to claim their tokens from that time onwards.

The DOGEVERSE launch has come at the perfect time, after a period of consolidation and sideways price action in crypto markets.

All six chains that DOGEVERSE is on are seeing their native tokens putting on weight today, all trading in the green.

BNB is up 5.7% at $664, Solana edging 1% higher at $166, and Avalanche’s AVAX and Ethereum’s ETH both edging higher as are Base and Polygon’s MATIC.

Specifically, meme coins are seeing some profit-taking at the large cap end before the next leg higher. That places tokens like Dogeverse in pride of place as buyers look to maximize returns by finding the diamonds in the dust.

Also to be borne in mind for bulls, bitcoin is priced back above $70k today, providing a supportive backdrop for coin listings.

Dogeverse price could explode 10x as traders remain fixated on meme coins

With less than 18 hours to go before claiming, expectations around a price explosion are rising to fever pitch.

YouTuber ClayBro, who has 129k subscribers, is speculating that Dogeverse could see a 10x advance, because Shiba Inu-inspired crypto are still the centre of attention for crypto trailers and investors.

As is so often the case, top trending tokens on CoinMarketCap is dominated by meme coins.

Base favorite Brett is doing well, up 56% over the past seven days and Super Trump powering ahead 332%, GameStop 127% and new coin DOG 113% higher over the same period.

All this is music to the ears of Dogeverse token holders, especially given the superb multichain functionality it brings to the party.

With Dogeverse, you don’t need to pick which chain you fancy because it has all the most popular meme coin chains covered, from Solana to Base and a whole bunch in between.

trending meme coins

Here’s how to claim your $DOGEVERSE tokens

To claim tokens purchased in the presale, DOGEVERSE holders must follow a simple four-step process.

First, visit the official Dogeverse website and connect the wallet used to make the purchase of the tokens in the presale.

Then click on the ‘claim’ button and confirm the transaction.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the $DOGEVERSE tokens will be transferred to the respective wallet.

Claimants must ensure that their wallet holds a sufficient amount of the relevant tokens to cover gas fees required for transactions.

The supported chains and their respective cryptocurrencies are as follows:

Ethereum – $ETH

BNB Chain – $BNB

Polygon – $MATIC

Solana – $SOL

Avalanche – $AVAX

Base – $ETH

Alongside the claiming across multiple chains, there is also unstaking to consider.

Those who have staked their tokens must wait out a seven-day vesting period before being able to claim their tokens. The seven-day period starts from 10m UTC on Wednesday 5 June.

Stakers earn 37% and take 40% of tokens out of market, reducing any sell pressure

If you staked your $DOGEVERSE tokens during the presale, you will need to wait the seven days. Stakers can of course choose not to unstake their tokens and continue to receive an income stream.

Staking is only available on $DOGEVERSE bought on ETH. There are gas fees to be paid for unstaking and claiming staking rewards, so there must be enough ETH in wallets to cover these expenses.

Here is the link to claim staking rewards earned during the presale:

Many will elect to continue staking their tokens given the estimated per annum rewards that the dashboard shows being earned by stakers at the present time.

Staking will also help to dampen selling pressure at the time of listing due to the seven-day vesting period.

Around 40% of total token supply is staked. Rewards are emitted at a rate of 6088 $DOGEVERSE per each ETH block produced and will be disbursed over a two-year period.

The team says if claimants have any queries about the process, they should reach out to moderators on Telegram.

Keep an eye on the website and social channels for the token contract details to be sure to trade the correct asset on DEXs.

Buy Dogeverse Here

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.