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New Shitcoin Presale Raises $200,000 in 30 Minutes – Here’s Why Mr Hankey Coin is the Next 100x Crypto

Meme coin degens and small-cap gem hunters assemble – Mr Hankey Coin, 2023’s most exciting shitcoin presale, just hit the market.

And it’s already popping. 

Just over 30 minutes in, Mr Hankey Coin has already raised close to $200,000. 

With web3’s hottest new shitcoin only raising $500,000 via its public presale, meme coin degens have no time to lose if they want to get involved. 

$HANKEY is a brand-new meme coin themed on South Park’s popular Mr Hankey, a sentient, jolly piece of feces and the cartoon’s former Christmas deity.

Unlike other shitcoins, Mr Hankey Coin embraces its own reality.

Mr. Hankey Coin is what happens when we stop pretending to be the next Bitcoin and embrace our inner turd,” the project’s website reads.

“We’ve ditched the glam, dumped the glitter, and plunged headfirst into the loo of reality”.

The $500,000 presale represents 40% of $HANKEY’s total 1 billion token supply.

That means the presale values the shitcoin at a very modest $1.25 million, leaving plenty of room for potential $HANKEY upside.

Also, rumors are already spreading that the teams behind $SPONGE and $PEPE might have a hand in Mr Hankey Coin.

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Mr Hankey Coin Already Going Viral

In the meme coin world, community is key.

Most shitcoins fail because they succeed in building a committed, loyal base of supporters who subscribe to the tokens overarching message.

It doesn’t matter whether that message is tongue-in-cheek or a serious value proposition – as long as a project can get people to buy into it, a meme coin can do well.

The team behind Mr Hankey Coin understands this.

Mr Hankey Coin piggybacks perfectly off of the viral themes of South Park, one of the most successful and culturally impactful cartoons of all time, and the idea that the label “shitcoin”, once used as a pejorative, now signifies opportunity.

And even though the Mr Hankey Coin presale is yet to launch, the project is already seeing significant traction on social media.

The official Mr Hankey Coin Twitter page (@MrHankeythecoin) already has over 7,000 followers, while the project’s Telegram is fast approaching 1,500.


Enthusiastic social media pick-up suggests that the $HANKEY presale is likely to start with a bang.

Massive DEX Liquidity Lock to Ensure Smooth Trading Conditions

The Mr Hankey Coin team is committed to providing a smooth token trading environment boasting well-oiled market liquidity.

The project has pledged to dedicate 40% of its token supply to decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity.

That’s important because, in the absence of plentiful liquidity, meme coin degens often face the hurdle of inefficient buying and selling, as well as big potential losses due to price slippage.

Importantly, Mr Hankey Coin’s team has also pledged to lock this liquidity, ensuring that there is no rug pull.

Allocating such a large percentage of a new meme token’s supply to a DEX liquidity lock is a rare move in the scam-ridden shitcoin space. It should instill significant confidence that Mr. Hankey Coin is a serious project with strong potential.

Here’s Why $HANKEY Will Leave Other Shitcoins in the Dust

Mr Hankey Coin’s massive DEX liquidity lock isn’t the only reason why $HANKEY is set to leave all other shitcoins in the dust.

The fact that the presale values the token so modestly should attract a wave of small-cap gem-hunting degens that target projects with a market cap of under $5 million.

Furthermore, $HANKEY’s limited presale availability (just $500,000 worth is being sold) means that pent-up demand and FOMO will be sustained into its DEX launch.

However, given the aforementioned importance of building a strong and engaged community in the success of any meme coin project, perhaps the biggest reason to be bullish on Mr Hankey Coin is that it appears to be backed by a savvy marketing team.

Whoever the team is, they appear to be hard at work spreading the word.

For instance, it has already been featured on top crypto news outlets like Beincrypto and here on Cryptonews.com, as well as across data sites Dexscreener and CoinGecko.

Those sightings alone suggest that the coin has a serious marketing campaign behind it.

Mr Hankey Coin’s social media presence is expected to continue surging, which should help to propel $HANKEY into the ranks of top hot trending coins when it launches.

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Can $HANKEY 100x?

Meme coin market experts are already predicting big things for Mr Hankey Coin.

Analysts across major crypto websites like Cryptonews.com, Business 2 Community and InsideBitcoins all rank the shitcoin as one of 2023’s best presale opportunities. 

10x gains would see $HANKEY hit a market cap of $12.5 million.

That’s still very modest in the meme coin world, which means there is the potential for even bigger returns.

Shitcoins with far less compelling stories, tokenomics and far less competent marketing teams have achieved far higher market caps.

If $PEPE coin was able to hit a monstrous market cap of $1.8 billion, there is no reason why Mr Hankey Coin can’t top $100 million.

100x gains are certainly on the cards for degens who get in at the presale stage.

But in the fast-moving world of crypto gem hunting, speed is of the essence.

With just $500,000 in Mr Hankey Coin tokens up for grabs in the presale, meme coin degens who dawdle could quickly miss the opportunity to secure tokens at their lowest price.

Though meme coin degens are defined by their lack of interest in conducting due diligence into tokens before aping in, we at Cryptonews.com nonetheless encourage potential investors to dig a little deeper into the project before the presale launches.

Mr Hankey Coin’s brown paper can be viewed here.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.