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This New Presale Is the Opportunity You Can’t Miss – Here’s Why

Sam Cooling
Last updated: | 2 min read
Source / DeeLance

DeeLance, the cutting-edge Web3 freelance and recruitment platform, is launching its native token, $DLANCE, with a highly anticipated presale.

Freelancers have long sought immediate payments, and DeeLance is stepping up to meet this demand with a groundbreaking solution.

Beyond quick payments, DeeLance’s platform empowers users to convert their work into NFTs through an integrated marketplace, bringing a new dimension to the freelance experience.

In today’s world, trust is hard to come by, but DeeLance offers a robust automated dispute system to secure transactions between clients and freelancers on the public blockchain.

This ensures that fraud during the payment process is no longer a concern, as smart contracts provide a safety net.

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How is DeeLance Revolutionizing Freelancing?

DeeLance utilizes escrow accounts to ensure freelancers receive timely payments, all while leveraging crypto payment options to offer some of the lowest fees in the industry. 

The platform charges recruiters a mere 2%, a far cry from competitors such as Upwork and Fiverr.

Additionally, tokenizing work as NFTs helps protect against copyright infringement, safeguarding both freelancers and clients.

But that’s not all – DeeLance also hosts an NFT marketplace where members can create, buy, and sell a diverse range of NFTs. 

This marketplace features flexible pricing, catalogs of popular tokens, and exclusive NFT showcase events.

DeeLance is also developing its own metaverse, a virtual world where clients and freelancers can connect in online lobbies and attend meetings through metaverse offices.

At its core, DeeLance aims to connect recruiters with the best talent available.

Right now, $DLANCE tokens are available at a modest $0.025 per token during the first of a three-round presale. The token price will increase in 9 days, so don’t miss out on this early-bird offer.

With 30% of its 1 billion token supply up for grabs in the presale, this is your chance to join the DeeLance revolution.

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Check out the DeeLance whitepaper to learn more, or follow their Telegram channel for the latest updates.

And be sure to participate in the Deelance $10k Giveaway happening this week!

Why Invest in $DLANCE?

Source / DeeLance

DeeLance’s metaverse will transform how freelancers and clients connect, breaking down geographical barriers and providing opportunities to showcase portfolios, discover potential buyers, and collaborate on similar projects.

Say farewell to the traditional office environment and embrace attending meetings from the comfort of your own home.

With NFT integration, DeeLance offers the assurance of ownership and security for both freelancers and clients, attracting even more professionals to the platform.

Lower fees and instant crypto payouts will save freelancers both time and money, eliminating long waiting times for payments and hefty platform fees.

DeeLance’s advanced recruitment tools ensure only top-tier candidates make the cut, streamlining the process for companies to post jobs, review CVs, and hire the best talent.

In essence, DeeLance’s transparent, secure, and user-friendly platform represents the future of freelancing.

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in $DLANCE tokens during the presale and become a part of a revolutionary freelance platform that will redefine how we work, collaborate, and create.

Seize the moment, secure your crypto wallet, and join DeeLance on an extraordinary journey where creativity and innovation merge to transform the world of Web3 freelancing.

Buy $DLANCE Here

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