The New Perspective Towards Fintech in 2023

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

In modern times, fintech is touching everyone’s life. With constant growth and high financial returns, there has been an increase in demand for blockchain solutions, both in the financial and non-financial domains. Mr. Mojiolaoluwa Seun Salisu, through his IT venture – RD Group, is optimizing core technologies of fintech to create a positive impact at various business and interpersonal levels. Cryptocurrencies are the most popular component of fintech. Individuals, corporates, and even governments across the world have grown more welcoming toward cryptocurrencies. RD Group understands the relevance, potential, and impact of an upgraded fintech ecosystem. It will continue to increase in the years to come.

Mojiolaoluwa Seun Salisu is a successful entrepreneur with an ambitious vision to help all industry sectors incorporate blockchain technology in everyday life. He leads a multinational conglomerate of enterprises built on an all-encompassing, blockchain-backed digital ecosystem that creates opportunities for all people.

Seun Salisu’s business acumen and insight helped him to thrive and grow through a series of small ventures. His repeat successes on the streets of Ibadan led him to own multiple businesses across different sectors in Africa and various parts of the world. Empowered by his success, Seun Salisu set out to broaden his impact, touch the lives of people in need, and explore the digital future of all industrial sectors. He found his calling in helping businesses and individuals unlock financial freedom, just as he had dared to do for himself. The vehicle of impact Seun Salisu decided to focus on was blockchain technology.

Seun Salisu established RD Group, a conglomerate of top tech firms, with the goal of developing the fastest and most cost-effective blockchain ecosystem. By utilizing the group’s proprietary Mojiola Blockchain network, the organization enhances security, clarity, and stability for businesses worldwide through blockchain-based solutions aimed at streamlining processes and operations. Seun Salisu has a unified vision for the RD Group companies, which is to address the pressing issues faced by the modern global society. He sees Africa as a rising leader in the digital transformation.

Through its securest and fastest in-market platform, Mojiola Blockchain, cryptocurrency, JIOLA Coin, DEX crypto exchange platform, Sumato Exchange, digital and crypto banking platform, Tranzfa, and B2B/B2C platform for the medical and recreational organic medicine market, Hello Cannabiz, the RD Group provides a self-contained and self-sustaining ecosystem of blockchain-based solutions that demonstrate the advantages of incorporating it into all business

operations. As a system with in-built securities, it has the added benefit of almost no fallout and negative impact on users.

To begin with, we delved into markets and industries to identify problems and comprehend their impact on our community. Our findings showed that implementing blockchain technology across industries could improve transparency, security, speed, and cost efficiency for all users. After recognizing the issue, we validated our ideas through market research and competition analysis to assess the potential for success if launched.

RD Group aims to resolve common blockchain challenges and simplify operations through the creation and modification of blockchain elements. The group’s Mojiola Blockchain network, set to launch in Q3 2023, is a game-changer in the blockchain world. It boasts lightning-fast transaction processing in less than a second and enhances security with a hybrid consensus mechanism. Additionally, it reduces energy consumption and costs associated with blockchain usage.

Today, the RD Group unifies everything under one umbrella and envisions a positive future for the world.