19 Jan 2023 · 4 min read

This New NFT Art by BAYC Artist Migwashere Could Be the Next Major Release

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One of the biggest reasons why NFT art is often successful is the person creating the digital asset - similar to what happens in real-world art. One of the most well-known artists in the NFT space is migwashere, the man behind the art in the legendary Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. Little needs to be said about this, as BAYC has entered the public consciousness - whether that’s inside the crypto industry or in the wider world.

Following that major success, migwashere is preparing to launch a new NFT collection called Wen Sandwich. With the experiences of BAYC behind it, this new NFT collection looks to reach some success as it is implementing some fun new ideas. 

We explain everything you need to know about Wen Sandwich here, including descriptions of the artwork, its unique features, details on the mint price and collection limit, and everything else you need to know. This will help you understand more about the next major NFT art release in the market.

Migwashere’s Next NFT Art Has All the Right Ingredients

At this point, everyone should be familiar with migwashere’s work. He’s the artist behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club, as we mentioned, which was a cultural phenomenon that spread into the wider world, pulling many people in who were on the fence about NFTs. He was also behind the well-received Sneaky Vampire Syndicate and HoF Goat Lodge. He has had enormous success and helped push the NFT space forward.

As such, any efforts by migwashere are something to keep a close eye on. His work has an x-factor that always seems to have a level of recognition and success, and for good reason. Migwashere has a lot of experience in a variety of fields, from the video games industry to animation films, so there is a special something that he brings with him through that experience. This is certainly a reason why his NFT artwork has had so much success.

Of course, all of this may be true, but what exactly is Wen Sandwich? What does it bring to the table and how do users go about minting it? This is an NFT collection that has a lot going for it - the right ingredients so to speak - and its community-driven nature will go a long way in creating delicious NFTs for its collectors. Migwashere has been hinting at this on his Twitter profile, offering small previews by posting sandwich GIFs. 

In the days to come, this artwork is about to become much clearer to the crypto community. This is why everyone should take a close look at the NFT art collection as it continues to grow in popularity.

Everything You Need to Know About Wen Sandwich

Wen Sandwich will have over 150 different ingredients to choose from.

What is Wen Sandwich about? Plain and simple, it’s about sandwiches that you create by selecting from over 150 ingredients to make it the most unique and delicious dish that you can think of. Perhaps you can just make a sandwich that is the most basic - tomatoes, lettuce, chicken, and mayo. Maybe you can go for the tried and tested peanut butter and jelly. Maybe you want to make the world’s most inedible sandwich. The choice is yours, really.

The ingredients list itself will cover everything that one could want on a sandwich. You can choose from an assortment of bread types, then you can choose the protein to add and that could be pepperoni or chicken. Of course, there’ll be veggies, seasoning, and sauces to spice up your delightful dish.

Since there are over 150 ingredients to choose from, you can make virtually countless combinations of sandwiches. As such, expect some truly unique sandwiches on NFT marketplaces. Maybe you have a unique sandwich recipe in real life and you want to showcase that to the world. With Wen Sandwich you can bring that recipe to life in pixel art form. NFT marketplaces are going to be brimming with wannabe chefs soon enough.

Speaking of which, the Wen Sandwich artwork will begin minting at the end of January. It will only be open for a limited amount of time, but the mint price is low at 0.05 ETH and there will be no collection limit. This makes it accessible to the wider NFT community and will surely drive many into the art collection. 

For now, we don’t know too much more about Wen Sandwich but expect all of that to change as we head closer to the minting date. This is an artwork collection that has a unique twist to the NFT creation and conceptualization process and the fact that the migwashere is behind it makes it even sweeter.

Wen Sandwich is About to Deliver a Feast

The pixel art design by migwashere introduces a new style for him, which may pique the interest of many collectors, as it is a step in a different direction from his previous work with BAYC. It has all the ingredients for success. It has a new style and a more novel conception.

The NFT market is all set to light up with the release of Wen Sandwich and this could give the niche market the injection of life it needs. It’s an exciting time for NFT art collectors, who have the chance to pick up a piece of what could be a highly successful art collection. 

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