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This New Metaverse Crypto Could 25x in 2023 – Here’s Why

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RobotEra is a brand-new cryptocurrency and metaverse project that is building an interactive metaverse universe. In the RobotEra metaverse, users will be able to make, play, and enjoy games and other content without knowing how to code. They will also be able to buy virtual property.

However, the goal of RobotEra is to create an open-world planet-building sandbox game. You will evolve into a robot, gather resources from the planet, control your own territory, and make robot pals. In this new age of robotics, players may create anything they want. RobotEra opens theme parks, concerts, and museums while bridging worlds.

RobotEra is now in pre-sale, with its native token, $TARO, available for $0.02 within the first stage. RobotEra has already raised over $670,000 and has a rapid fundraising ceiling of $1.8 million. In the second phase of the presale, the value of TARO is expected to grow to roughly $0.025 USD. Thereby, investors who buy the currency in Stage 1 will get a 60% return.

RobotEra is the most recent, heavily debated P2E metaverse. The project is a sandbox-style building game in which players are entrusted with recreating Planet Taro. RobotEra is fantastic because it is a shared multiverse connected to other worlds and NFT communities and has distinctive features. It mixes building and land monetization with P2E gaming and NFT ownership.

Robot Era is an entertaining play-to-earn game that also offers prizes for accomplishing objectives. Robotera offers genuine earning potential in addition to possible pleasure. For example, players may profit from the excitement by renting out advertising space or even by holding events with a cover charge.

RobotEra’s developers think it’s the ideal cryptocurrency for utilizing blockchain technology to build a metaverse that connects several universes. Users within the ecosystem, for example, have access to theme parks, concerts, art galleries, and much more. Furthermore, they will be free to participate in the internal economy that is backed by multiple NFT groups and to create, discover, share, and trade.

RobotEra intends to include virtual and augmented reality components into its games by 2023 in order to make them exponentially more entertaining and engaging. This will not only raise the bar for online gaming but also provide users with the chance to make extra money by creating AR and VR assets.

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