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This New EV Charging Platform Has the Potential to 10x – Find Out How to Buy Early

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New crypto project C+Charge is the first platform in the EV charging payments ecosystem that uses carbon credits to reward EV owners for charging their vehicles. 

Its crypto token is now on presale and can give investors a 10x return.

Charge Your EV & Earn

The Electric Vehicle (EV) sector is undergoing a huge transformation as people acquire these new vehicles that do not require fuel. However, despite the enormous promise of EVs, there is still the issue of optimal charging. So far, charging stations aren’t always evenly distributed, and charging automobiles is expensive and complicated.

C+Charge is a new platform that employs blockchain technology to assist EV owners in charging their cars effectively and earning possible profits. Built on the BNB Smart Chain, C+Charge is looking to make it easier and more profitable for anyone to join the EV revolution. 

C+Charge is the opportunity for EV owners to access an ecosystem of products where they can charge their cars in an environmentally sustainable manner. Besides the prospect of ensuring that car charging is green, the platform also provides users with its native CCHG token, which they earn for their work. 

The C+Charge App 

One of the major offerings for C+Charge is its mobile app. The app allows users to enjoy multiple benefits, including real-time information on charging stations nearby. This way, EV owners can travel anywhere and be assured that they will be able to charge their cars as long as there are stations close to them. 

The C+Charge app also allows EV owners to diagnose their vehicles, get recommendations for repairs, and prevent any lasting damage.

C+Charge Partners With Flowcarbon 

Despite being a relatively new player, C+Charge has already begun making waves in the automotive industry. In September, the platform partnered with carbon reduction solutions provider Flowcarbon to allow EV owners to earn carbon credits for charging their cars. 

The partnership uses Flowcarbon’s Goodness Native Token (GNT), offering C+Charge’s users access to on-chain carbon credits as they charge their cars. The asset will be an additional incentive for people to purchase EVs and join the green revolution. 

Time to Buy CCHG 

CCHG, the native token for C+Charge, is already one of the most interesting new coins on the market. The digital asset is primarily used for payments, with C+Charge’s developers hoping that it can replace Point of Sale (PoS) software and hardware for payments. With CCHG, EV owners will have an efficient method of processing payments that will help them to easily charge and settle charges for charging stations. 

The crypto asset is deflationary, with units removed from circulation as it is used to process payments. And at the moment, investors can get CCHG tokens on presale for just $0.013. 

So far, CCHG has earned over $38,000 via its presale. The digital asset is still in its first presale stage, so there is a lot of potential for early investors to earn profits as more presale stages are completed. 

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