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A New Blockchain Game Age of Mars has been Announced for Crypto Gaming Community

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

A new blockchain game was recently presented as a Play2Earn game based on the BSC blockchain with the prospect of becoming a metaverse. The game’s economy revolves around its two main assets – the utility MRT token (traded on the PankakeSwap exchange) and the management MMT token (not currently traded anywhere). Players can use MRT to buy Motus NFTs represented by Fuel Plants that generate liquid resources and monetize the extracted resources on the PankakeSwap exchange. MRT is operating on the BSC network. The functionality of MRT is expanding along with the development of the game. In the future, players will be able to use MRT to get additional in-game benefits (unique objects, acceleration of in-game processes, additional tasks, and features). 

The project has an active NFT market that supports secondary sales – players can both purchase assets and sell their upgraded NFTs. Currently, there are three types of NFTs available, each with 6 rarities and 10 levels of production. Rarer NFTs generate more resources. Apart from working in a browser, the game runs on PC and mobile devices. Users can register using e-mail or Metamask wallet. During the registration, the system will ask for the login of the person who invited the gamer. If users visited the game’s website on your own, then they use the login of the main character of the project – Selena. No investments or purchases are required to start playing. On top of that, to reward community loyalty, the game allows to build a few useful objects for free. After registering, users will meet  in-game assistant – a female astronaut Selena. She is the main character, helping beginners to understand the basics of the game, chatting with players on Discord, holding raffles, and giving interviews. In the beginning, Selena will take users to the in-game map and set up your base. Gamers need to choose a suitable spot and build some structures. By the way, for now, the lands of Mars are free, but soon these assets might be in short supply because there are more and more players every day. Next, the player must lay the foundations of their Martian industry. There are two types of resources in the game: liquid and infrastructure. Infrastructure resources are free and everyone can get them. They are needed to develop the base, increase the performance of game objects, and reach new game levels. Liquid resources can only be generated by NFTs purchased on the marketplace. These resources include water, oxygen, and fuel. They can be exchanged for MRT tokens. One of the key objects of the Martian industry is a Research Center. Completing its tasks unlocks new game levels, objects, and features, including those that help  increase the performance of  NFTs.Players can use the Harvest mode which allows them to visit the bases of other players, see what they’re building, delegate the collection of resources at their base, or gather resources for their neighbors and get rewards. To start gathering liquid resources that can be converted into real money, users will need NFTs. At this stage of the game’s development, the resource extraction mechanics is very simple, and the rewards are generous. The cost of profitable NFTs ranges from 100 to 13 500 USDT. By replenishing balance with the collected resources, gamers can spend them for various purposes: upgrade your NFTs, transfer your assets to a friend, purchase new NFTs, or withdraw your funds. The withdrawal fee is 1%. The basic process of extracting resources and earning is built around various non-fungible NFT tokens issued on the BSC blockchain. There are three types of them: Aqua NFTs produce a liquid resource Water. Water is a basic resource required for human survival on Mars, and it is also essential for the performance of other types of NFTs. Planta NFTs produce a liquid resource Oxygen. Plants breathe life into the rocky planet and increase the performance of Motus NFTs. Motus NFTs produce a liquid resource Fuel. To get fuel, Aqua and Planta NFTs must be placed on the map. After doing that, users can upgrade and increase their production level from 1 to 10. Having reached the 10th level of production, users get access to Minting. It allows you to use two identical level 10 NFTs of the same type to produce a new object of that type. Minting can be repetated 6 times. Gamers will have to spend resources for each try, but in any case, it is much more profitable than buying assets on the marketplace. An important fact: the number of NFTs and the amount of resources is limited. Therefore, after the sale of all objects on the primary market, the secondary market is going to be very competitive, and prices will rise. That’s why it is the most profitable to invest in NFTs today. The majority of the player base is drawn to the Play2Earn model because it allows them to make money. Here are the possible sources of income: extraction of liquid resources – water, oxygen, fuel sales of the following NFTs on the marketplace: 1) NFTs purchased and upgraded. They have higher production rate than those on the primary market; 2) NFTs received as a result of minting; 3) NFTs received as rewards for completing missions and taking part in raffles collecting resources from the bases of other players receiving a share of all the collected resources for reaching a high level of base development, and being an active partner or a player team development and share of resources mined by their NFTs. To withdraw the extracted resources, users need to exchange them for MRT. 

1000 units of liquid resources (WT/OX/FL) = 1 MRT

The MRT rate currently fluctuates between 1 and 1.3 USDT.

The production rate of the rarest Legendary Motus NFT upgraded to level 10 is 123 

939 FL (fuel). This means that today the annual profitability of a Legendary Level 10 

Motus NFT can reach up to $58 000.

The future of Age of Mars

The multilingual development team is beating its own roadmap and sharing updates via regular Zoom calls. The exploration of the Red Planet in a game format is only the beginning of a global project. The team has stated its intention to create a metaverse, and establish virtual life on Mars, providing not only diverse in-game activities but also integrating real-life services. 

The community is looking forward to acquiring the MMT Governance Token, which will launch the transition into Metaverse. In order to start playing and earning, users need to follow the link:

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.