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Nevada County Begins Blockchain Marriage License Pilot

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The recorder’s office in Washoe County, near the city of Reno in the US, has begun on a pilot scheme that allows couples to register their marriage certificates on the Ethereum blockchain, an American media outlet News 4 reported.

The recorder’s office has struck a deal with Titan Seal, a Nevada-based tech startup that specializes in moving government records onto blockchain platforms. The pilot scheme will allow marriage registrars to digitize both existing and new marriage certificates using blockchain technology in mere moments. The Recorder’s says the new blockchain-powered system could save staff time – and customers’ money.

The current system requires couples seeking expedited marriage certificates to telephone the recorder’s office, asking them to send a certified copy via a courier service, with the customer footing the bill. Using standard delivery, meanwhile, can leave couples waiting for up to a week to receive their certificates.

The state of Nevada has been pursuing Blockchain-friendly policies since June last year. Its governor Brian Sandoval introduced a bill that seeks to integrate blockchain technology into the state’s infrastructure, seeking to use the knowhow of Nevada-based fintech companies.

Earlier this year, an Ethereum-based software development company named Blockchains bought a 272 square kilometers plot of land at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center in Nevada’s Storey County.