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Pepe Price Prediction as Mysterious Trader Makes $4.82 Million Profit in 6 Months – Here’s What Happened

Simon Chandler
Last updated: | 3 min read

The PEPE price has increased by 3.5% today, rising to $0.00001461 as the wider crypto market posts a more modest 0.7% gain in the past 24 hours.

PEPE is basically flat in the past week but up by 4% in a fortnight and by an impressive 78% in a month, with the 23rd biggest coin in the market also sitting on a very pretty 1,300% gain in a year.

These percentages come as one unidentified whale has put themselves in line to make a $4.82 million profit from 365.96 billion PEPE, which they acquired at a cost of $494,000 six months ago.

And while their sale of this amount may dent the PEPE price a little, its status among whales as a profit vehicle will result in it rallying again soon enough.

Mysterious Trader Makes $4.82 Million Profit on Pepe Price in 6 Months – Here’s What Happened

PEPE’s chart is an interesting position, with the coin looking like it’s ready to make a big move upwards.

This assessment is based largely on two things, with the first being that the coin’s support (green) and resistance (red) levels are veering towards each other, a process that often forces a big move (in either direction).

PEPE price chart.
Source: TradingView

Secondly, PEPE’s 30-day average (orange) looks as though it’s about to rise above the 200-day (blue), another sign of an incoming breakout.

It’s also arguable that, having spent much of the past week at around 50 or below, the relative strength index (purple) is also late for a climb.

These indicators come as the coin’s 24-hour trading volume remains healthy at around $1 billion, which is around double where it was over a week ago.

This suggests strong ongoing interest in PEPE, although as we noted above, one whale sent 365 billion PEPE to Binance a couple of days ago.

While this would suggest that this whale is preparing to sell (or has already sold) PEPE, his success in making a return of nearly 1,000% in half a year underlines PEPE’s potential for generating profit.

As such, it’s plausible to expect PEPE to return to strong growth again in the coming weeks and months, particularly as investor sentiment improves amid a strengthening global economy.

For instance, the ECB has today cut interest rates from 4% to 3.75%, paving the way for other central banks to follow.

Such moves are likely to make markets more bullish, which will translate sooner or later into gains for the PEPE price.

It could hit $0.000018 in the next few weeks, breaking its current ATH.

New Meme Tokens Have Big Potential

PEPE has had a very strong few weeks, having set new record highs in May.

Yet this could mean that it may quieten down in the next couple of months, leaving traders who want market-beating gains to have to look elsewhere.

One area they could look towards is meme tokens, with several very promising meme coins emerging in recent weeks and holding successful presales.

A strong example of this comes from WienerAI (WAI), a new Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that has raised over $4.7 million in its very successful token offering.

WienerAI is turning heads because it’s more than just another meme coin, with the project also about to launch an AI-based trading chatbot.

As a chatbot, WienerAI harnesses generative AI technology and can answer questions relating to trending and promising tokens, advising investors on which coins to buy or sell.

It will also offer a couple of features that will help traders stay ahead of the curve, including an atomic swap feature that will enable users to trade tokens directly through its app.

There will also be MEV protection, which helps investors make trades ahead of any front-running bots that may be operating in any given market.

This all gives it plenty of utility as a platform, with the WAI token also having solid tokeonomics.

It boasts a hard cap of 69 billion WAI, while it will also enable staking.

Together, these two features are likely to squeeze WAI’s circulating supply, helping to boost its price over time.

Interested investors can join its presale by visiting the official WienerAI website, with 1 WAI currently costing $0.000715.

This price is set to rise every few days, before the sale ends in a few weeks, when it will list on trading platforms and potentially make waves.

Buy WAI Today

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.