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If you’re a Canadian resident looking to be your own Bitcoin bank and take your finances into your own hands, bitcoin (BTC) exchange has your back. With the fastest way to buy BTC in Canada getting even easier by the day, there are many reasons to diversify your assets by switching over to bitcoin. Learn more about why you should stick with by reading on for more information — keep in mind this list is certainly not exhaustive. YouTube Channel: Answering the Questions You Have Before You Ask  

Navigating support desks, help centres, and other sources of information on exchanges can at times be a bit confusing. Plus, some people are simply visual learners, and they prefer to see, step by step, what they need to do in order to actually absorb the information. Canadians are a proud bunch and as a result, they value independence. That’s part of what makes the YouTube suite so helpful — users can learn at their own pace without necessarily asking for help. has recognized the need their customers have for another venue of support, so they’ve opened a YouTube channel with video guides to everything they wanted their clients to know about the exchange. 

One such video is titled How to Buy Bitcoin with Interac e-Transfer. As Canadian readers may already know,  the e-Transfer payment method is immensely popular because of its simplicity, familiarity and accessibility, making it the most logical option to fund your account. In this video the team walks you through each step of the process,so you’ll be able to add as a recipient and fire off your first e-Transfer within minutes! 

Another video, titled FREE Prepaid Visa Card for Bitcoiners, which — as its name implies — communicates everything you need to know about their New Black Prepaid Visa card for users. The video explains how you can use the card, withdraw funds from your account, and how to access their cashback rewards program.  

What Is, Anyway? 

If you’ve been following along with interest but would like more background information, we’re here to fill you in. boasts the fastest way to buy bitcoin in Canada, and the service is very easy to operate as their system guides the user through the entire process of purchase. As evidenced by the aforementioned videos along with the entire catalog, it’s clear that is suitable for both newbies to the space and seasoned traders who are interested in acquiring some BTC fast.  

Created and launched in 2016, has plenty of experience serving customers under their belt. They have strong relationships with Interac, Flexepin, and Canada Post to facilitate their operations which adds to the platform’s ease of use. The brokerage is regulated by The Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), which is Canada’santi-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) intelligence unit and regulator. It is also a purely Canadian exchange, which means onboarding to open an account is only available if you’re aCanadian resident of at least 18 years of age. is looking to offer their services to Canadians from coast to coast, no matter how tech savvy they are (or aren’t), so you can  verify your account at a local Canada Post office with the required documents. You can also verify online for a quicker and smoother process from the comfort of your computer chair. Unsurprisingly, also offers a guide video on how to do that, step by step. 

The exchange also has a transparent and straightforward fee structure. The service does not charge fees on orders over CAD 350, and limits depend on your preferred purchase method. remains competitive for the immediate delivery it offers when buying or selling Bitcoin.  

You can also rest assured that your funds are always safe, thanks to the fact that is a non-custodial exchange. This means that the exchange does not have control over your bitcoin once the order is completed, which makes it an unattractive target for hackers.  

Have questions? Don’t get stuck in the chatbox loop like some sites. Always feel free to reach out and contact a human via’s leading crypto customer service support.  There’s never been a better time to be your own Bitcoin Bank!