19 Oct 2021 · 2 min read

MyBTC.ca Unveils New Black Prepaid Visa Card

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Canadian crypto exchange MyBTC.ca has announced a thrilling new payout method: the Prepaid Visa card, a completely free card which allows customers to lock-in their profit and actualize their gains into Canadian dollars. Aside from offering a new way to withdraw your fiat money, the card also offers perks that introduce quality of life improvements, like paying your bills or making purchases. 

Further simplifying the withdrawal methods already available on the exchange, MyBTC.ca now lets their customers use a card that has all the capabilities of any other prepaid card. It also comes with a mobile app that is available both for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and Apple App Store, respectively. The online wallet portal lets you use your card in any way you deem necessary: paying bills, transferring money using the Interac system, or transferring funds to other Visa cards. 

Additionally, the card works like others in the sense that it can be used to pay for goods and services at brick-and-mortar stores that accept card payments—which is virtually anywhere. You can also withdraw your funds on ATMs in local currency, even if you’re not in the country at the time. Finally, the card offers the best perk of them all: a cashback rewards program! Using the card for payments accumulates points which can then be converted to cash.  

The limitations of the card are also quite reasonable: you will need to withdraw a minimum of CAD 50 for it to go through, while you’re restricted to a maximum of CAD 2,500 on a daily basis. However, the other withdrawal methods offer a higher daily maximum, so if you need to withdraw more, you can use those—an Interac e-transfer is capped at CAD 10,000, while the bank transfer maximum is CAD 100,000. On the other hand, the bank transfer minimum withdrawal is CAD 20,000, so the prepaid card and Interac transfer are both great choices for lower amounts.

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Have you received your prepaid Visa card yet? If you haven’t, be sure to request it through your MyBTC.ca dashboard—for free, through the Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin in Canada. Happy trading!