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Move Over STEPN and Sweatcoin – Fight Out’s Move-to-Earn Crypto Is Taking Over

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Investors are now paying attention to several move-to-earn (M2E) projects leading to an increase in the flow of money into the sector. Over time, we have seen different initiatives that intend to reward users for exercising and staying fit. However, Fight Out is the only move-to-earn application with a Play-to-Earn growth trajectory.

Fight Out wants to build a society where everyone leads an active, healthy lifestyle. The developers believe that blending real-life physical tasks with Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming is the future.

Fight Out has raised over $4.7 million in its presale phase from investors. Fight Out is now introducing a generous 5% referral promo link program for its users to celebrate this milestone. 

FIGHT OUT: The Future Of Play To Earn Is Here

The gaming industry has been suffering from exploitation and imbalance. This is because huge gaming corporations own the rights to all of the most well-known games. Web3 games, on the other hand, have developed to counteract this unfair economic strategy by giving their player bases true ownership of their in-game assets. Players can thereby profit from their commitment and effort.

Fight Out is a Move-to-Earn platform with a Play to Earn directory. It enables users to compete in the metaverse, learn from professional fighters and athletes, and earn rewards and badges by completing fitness tasks. Fight Out will provide users with unique content, metaverse experience, and real-life events.

People play using “soulbound” NFT avatars with stats and skills based on real-world experience and accomplishments. It is “soulbound,” which means it cannot be sold or given away. Users can mint their very own NFT avatar while creating an account and early-bird investors in its presale will be given unique NFTs once the project fully launches.

There are different traits that contribute to users’ avatar growth. The metrics are divided up into cardio, strength, mobility, endurance, and technique. Each one offers a unique benefit when playing Fight Out games. Users should note that styles make fights. 

Therefore, how they train will have a direct impact on how the avatar performs in the Fight Out gaming ecosystem. This platform enables players to test their physical prowess in real life through a fun and safe environment.

Earn Rewards For Consistency While Having Fun

The software is made to provide users with everything they require to get in shape and be prepared for the Fight Out gaming environment. The platform will offer fitness articles and masterclasses led by top athletes. This will help to motivate, inform, and direct users in their training.

Fight Out is centered on community. This enables users to engage in several activities with other members of the community. Players can also participate in high-stakes leagues and tournaments and complete other thrilling tasks and game modes to win $FGHT and earn player badges. These badges serve as soul-bound evidence of success. 

The platform allows users to share their accessories, badges, and achievements with the Fight Out community on the platform. 

Rewarding people for positive behavior and gamifying the process are two certified methods for encouraging people to start and sustain new behaviors. Both are employed by Fight Out to help our users transform their way of life. With the help of Fight Out’s technology, users are rewarded with REPS for their training, accomplishments, and participation in the community.

Players should note that $FGHT is the platform’s native token, and can be bought in the presale from the website. REPS is the in-app currency, earned by completing tasks within the platform. REPS can be used to purchase items in the Fight Out app, including accessories and power-ups for players’ Fight Out avatars.

Invest in $FGHT Before Pre-Sale Ends

Fight Out has raised more than $4.7 million from eager investors in its ongoing token presale. Anyone with an internet connection and a crypto wallet can participate in the presale wherever they are. However, investors buying via desktop must have a MetaMask wallet installed on their browser. For those using mobile apps, the site recommends Trust Wallet.   

The $FGHT token’s current price is at $0.02491. However, interested investors should note that the token’s value will increase every twelve hours to encourage early token purchases. This will continue until March 31st when it will be listed for $0.0333. 

The platform creator also recently introduced a lucrative 5% referral promo link scheme. To earn from this, investors should navigate to the Fight Out homepage, add their cryptocurrency wallet, and click the “5% referral link” button. 

Next is to share it on social media or with family and friends and earn 5% of the purchase price each time someone buys the $FGHT token using their referral link. 

Buy FGHT on Presale

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