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Move-to-Earn Tokens are Booming, and This New Crypto is Poised to Be a Leader in the Sector – Time to Buy?

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

The move-to-earn (M2E) space is currently going through one of its most fruitful spells yet, as people are falling more in love with the idea of making money while staying fit. With Fight Out’s native FGHT token, investors can support a true pioneer in the field. 

Welcome to Fight Out

Despite being relatively new, Fight Out is already growing to become a star in the M2E space. The platform, unveiled in 2022, provides a novel fitness approach while incorporating different concepts into an expansive ecosystem. 

The primary offering for Fight Out is its mobile app, which is available to users regardless of where they are. 

The mobile app allows users to come in, and choose the workouts they’d like to engage in and their fitness objectives. 

Using this data, Fight Out provides easy access to content and workout sessions that will allow them to optimize their health directly. 

Fight Out also provides optimal transparency by tracing users’ vitals. The platform’s technology allows it to connect to a user’s mobile phone, where they can view the progress being made in real-time. The more progress they make, the more they can earn. 

Besides just progress in workouts, Fight Out also provides insights into aspects such as dietary intake and sleep time. 

This allows the platform to ensure progress in all fitness areas, thus providing a holistic approach to wellness that users won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

This adds to the fact that users can earn actual money for using Fight Out and keeping fit

Besides the mobile app, Fight Out also provides access to additional perks that users would love. For one, the platform’s developers want to create physical gyms where their users can come in and work out directly. 

So, for users who are tired of working out at home and would like to have the in-person gym experience, Fight Out is offering a solution.

And, the developers are also working on a metaverse iteration of the platform. Here, players will be able to choose their own avatars and access non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that display their vitals and the progress they’ve made. 

In this virtual world, Fight Out’s users can engage in games and other activities that allow them to interact with each other and still keep fit. 

The FGHT Token 

The Fight Out platform operates a two-token system where users can access assets that give them real money. Whenever they complete workouts, users get REPS tokens from Fight Out. 

These assets can be used for transactions within the ecosystem, although the real prize for Fight Out’s users is the FGHT token. 

Also built into the ecosystem, FGHT can be redeemed for REPS and also allows users to purchase assets and services within Fight Out. FGHT is also a tradable asset, with investors being able to earn with it. 

Finally, FGHT’s nature as a proof-of-stake (PoS) means that holders can stake it and enjoy several perks. 

For instance, staking FGHT can allow players to get discounts on subscription payments and additional perks like access to exclusive fitness content. 

As part of the initial rollout, Fight Out’s developers have offered FGHT on presale as part of the initial rollout. The token has attracted significant interest, with its presale already raising over $5.1 million. This is a good time to get n for value-seeking investors. 

Buy FGHT on Presale

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