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Most Profitable Crypto to Buy & Hold Right Now

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Many crypto investors buy speculative assets, hoping to profit from the hype around the coin. Choosing the most profitable cryptocurrency to invest in increases an investor's chance of earning rewards.

The most profitable cryptos have a history of providing returns, and we found 14 coins that have done exactly that. We reviewed each project, highlighting their price history and the benefits of their utility.

The 14 Most Profitable Cryptos to Invest in 2023

Before we delve deep into the most profitable tokens, let's take a quick look at each crypto project to find out their unique traits.

  1. AiDoge (AI) - This AI-Based meme cryptocurrency platform has raised more than $11 million through its ongoing presale. $AI can be used to win rewards on this cryptocurrency platform. 
  2. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) - This sustainable cryptocurrency platform allows companies and individuals to earn crypto rewards by contributing to sustainable initiatives such as recycling waste. 
  3. yPredict (YPRED) - Next-gen trading and research crypto analytics platform. This token is priced at $0.07 during the ongoing presale. 
  4. DeeLance (DLANCE) - A decentralized freelancing platform. Access low commissions and fees, crypto payment options, and interact on a metaverse ecosystem. 
  5. Launchpad XYZ (LPX) - This is an all-in-one Web3.0 ecosystem allowing users to access various services and activities. Currently, the $LPX token is priced at only $0.0445 per token. 
  6. Copium (COPIUM) - Meme Cryptocurrency which is already offering huge returns since its recent exchange listing. $COPIUM offers free NFT giveaways and airdrops to members. 
  7. Tamadoge (TAMA) - A meme token that offers utility to the token holder. Hold $TAMA to purchase NFTs and earn rewards on a P2E ecosystem.
  8. Scorpion Casino (SCORP) - This Crypto Casino Has a Lot of Growth Potential With a Redistribution Mechanism to Provide Passive Income
  9. Swords of Blood (SWDTKN) - AAA and role-playing cryptocurrency game. Earn rewards by competing against other platform members. 
  10. Solana (SOL) - Efficient ecosystem facilitating large-volume transactions. This blockchain can handle up to 10,000 transactions per second. 
  11. Cardano (ADA) - Top proof of stake platform earning investors high profits. The $ADA token is among the top 10 cryptos in terms of market cap. 
  12. Ethereum (ETH) - Second biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, only behind Bitcoin. This blockchain is used for deploying smart contracts and building DApps. 
  13. Dogecoin (DOGE) - Popular meme token that has sky-rocketed in the past few years. 
  14. Bitcoin (BTC) - Pioneering crypto providing rewards for the longest duration. BTC is the largest token in terms of market capitalization. 


Analyzing the Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Buy

Buying and selling cryptocurrency for profit is a long term strategy only if investors know the right coins to trade. Let's find out what the 10 most profitable cryptocurrencies offer investors besides high returns.

1. AiDoge - Top AI Token to Buy on Presale

AiDoge is an AI-integrated platform that allows members to generate memes on its ecosystem. With $AI, the native token, users can access credits and get access to the platform’s AI-powered meme generator. 

Currently on presale, AiDoge has already managed to raise more than $11.3 million in a few weeks. One of the reasons for this is because the platform focuses on two popular niches in the crypto space - memes and artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence tools such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) are used to process data, which is provided as text-based prompts. The AI technology automatically converts this information into memes. 

The AiDoge whitepaper states that it will release a public wall to share all the community’s memes. The ecosystem will also feature a voting mechanism through which the memes can be upvoted and downvoted. 

Users with the highest votes at the end of every month will be rewarded with $AI tokens. On the platform, one can also stake $AI to earn daily credit rewards. You can also get access to premium features such as new meme templates and platform enhancements. 

To protect the staked tokens, AiDoge deploys multiple layers of security and uses audited staking contracts. $AI has a maximum supply of 1 trillion tokens, 500 billion of which have been allocated for the ongoing presale. There will be 20 presale rounds, each allocating 25 billion tokens. 

Currently, $AI is priced at just $0.000032 per token but will jump to $0.0000336 per token by the final round. Due to the speed at which the presale is selling out, $AI has the potential to offer further profits after being listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

AiDoge aims to raise nearly $15 million through the presale. Join the AiDoge Telegram channel for more updated on the presale. 

Presale StartedApril 26 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Min InvestmentN/A
Max InvestmentN/A


2. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) - A Green Crypto Generating Profits for Recycling

Ecoterra is a green project that aims to make recycling more rewarding. At the center of this project exists the Ecoterra Dapp. That decentralized application bestows people who recycle with rewards via ECOTERRA tokens. Every time you recycle, you can upload the recycling sheet you get from the reverse vending machine, and you will receive ECOTERRA tokens in return.

The tokens allow holders to interact with the other aspects of the ecosystem, such as:

  1. The Educational Platform will teach you how to take green measures in your everyday life and turn profits. It does so by providing you with a collection of audio files, blogs, and videos. 
  2. A recycled materials marketplace from which ESG companies can buy recycled materials from recycling companies by spending ECOTERRA tokens. 
  3. A carbon offset marketplace to buy transparent carbon credits. Since the transaction is blockchain-based, there is no chance of double selling and other fraudulent acts that currently plague the space. 
  4. Impact Profile - The fourth element is the impact profile which accumulates the points based on the green moves ESG companies have made. A higher score means higher renown for a company as a green enterprise.

Ecoterra is one of the bigger green cryptocurrency projects that we have come across in recent times. its presale is underway, and the project has already raised $4 million. Click the link below to participate in this presale project. 

Presale StartedMarch 29
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
Min InvestmentN/A
Max InvestmentN/A


3. yPredict - Cryptocurrency Analytics Platform with Ongoing Presale

yPredict is a cryptocurrency analytics platform where members can access data-driven insights on the cryptocurrency markets. On the platform, users can purchase monthly subscriptions to predictive models with $YPRED, the native token. 

The models are offered on a financial marketplace and have been generated by financial quants and AI experts. Each model is only put in the financial marketplace after being verified by the yPredict DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). 

The models offer AI-based trading signals, which predict the potential movement of certain digital assets. The platform also leverages AI tools such as sentiment analysis to analyze the potential trajectory of certain cryptocurrencies. Another tool used is a patent pending chart recognition algorithm, which determines whether certain cryptos are likely to be bullish or bearish. 

The $YPRED token also offers multiple use cases on the ecosystem. Users can leverage their tokens to take part in a play-to-earn ecosystem. In this ecosystem, users can make directional bets on the future of the crypto markets. The top performers are rewarded with $YPRED tokens. 

Users can also increase their knowledge of the cryptocurrency markets by learning through yPredict’s Learn2Earn ecosystem. Members can take assessments and quizzes and earn more $YPRED tokens for successfully passing the tests. 

There is also a 7% tax on selling the token, which may stop users from frequently buying and dumping the token. From the funds collected, 1% of the tax is sent towards liquidity, 1% for development, 3% for marketing, and 2% for research. 

 Since the start of the presale, yPredict has raised more than $1.4 million. Currently, the token is priced at $0.07 but will jump to $0.12 per token by the final presale round. Read the yPredict whitepaper and join the Telegram group to learn more about the project. 

Presale StartedFebruary 13 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, MATIC, BNB, USDT, Card
Min InvestmentN/A
Max InvestmentN/A


4. DeeLance (DLANCE) - A Profitable Utility Token Bringing Freelancing Ecosystem to Web 3

DeeLance is a Web 3 project that aims to remove the bottlenecks of the current freelancing space and make it more worthwhile for the freelancers. The project attacks the centralization aspects prevalent across many platforms like the UpWork and Fiverr, where freelancers often don't get paid or sometimes are deemed unskilled - losing their account as a result. 

With DeeLance, freelancers and companies can come together on a platform with a decentralized ownership. Every freelancer who posts their work on the platform will do so in the form of NFTs. Tokenizing their works, freelancers will be able to add their signatures to their works via smart contracts, allowing them to receive payment instantly once their work is bought by the clients. 

Companies will be able to advertise their requirements in a better way using DeeLance tools that offer various features allowing the job descriptions to be precise, and reaching out to the talent that is capable of handling it. 

That focus on an NFT marketplace is why DeeLance can thrive. Add to that, there is a DeeLance metaverse under construction. This virtual world will be divided into ownable plots and infrastructures that people can own to conduct business meetings. The metaverse will also become a venue for business meetings, and interviews. 

The entire DeeLance ecosystem is powered by DLANCE tokens. It is an ERC-20 asset that is used to access the facilities of the DeeLance Web 3 freelancing portal, which gives the asset more utility than other standard cryptos. 

The upside potential of this project is high, which is why people have already started to rally around it during the presale. The presale has raised over $988k at press time and has six stages. Those who invest now at a discount of $0.033 per token, and will rise to $0.057 by the final round. 


5. Launchpad XYZ - Web3.0 Ecosystem Available to buy for Presale 

The next cryptocurrency with potential is $LPX, the native token of Launchpad XYZ. This cryptocurrency platform acts as a portal for entering and accessing other Web3.0 ecosystems. The $LPX token can be used to get guaranteed access to different presales, discounts on crypto exchanges, and more. 

On Launchpad XYZ, users can get their own Web3.0 wallet. Users must only provide their email address or phone number to set up the wallet. On the wallet, one can swap tokens, get self-custody of assets and interact with other decentralized applications (DApps).

 Launchpad XYZ will also give access to a decentralized exchange where you can access hundreds of crypto pairs. You can also access limited perpetual contracts and hold $LPX to get discounts on trading fees. 

Through this Web3 portal, users can get access to Web3 presales as well. By staking a minimum monthly average of 10,000 $LPX, you get guaranteed access to certain presale tokens. After purchasing, the tokens will appear on your Launchpad XYZ wallets. 

Launchpad XYZ also allows users to get rewarded through a trading edge game. Learn and test out trading strategies, and earn $LPX tokens as rewards on the ecosystem. Other use cases of $LPX include purchasing fractionalized real estate and art. 

From a total supply of 1 billion, 250 million tokens have been allocated equally across ten rounds. Currently, $LPX is priced at only $0.0445 per token. By the final presale round, the price will increase to $0.07 per token. Over $560K has been raised since the start of the presale. 

Read the Launchpad XYZ whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to stay updated with this cryptocurrency. 

Presale StartedApril 25 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
Min InvestmentN/A
Max InvestmentN/A


6. Copium - Community-Driven Meme Token to Buy 

The next cryptocurrency which can offer huge profits is $COPIUM, the native token of Copium’s community-driven ecosystem. Copium aims to attract investors that are coping with losses incurred while investing in the volatile digital assets space. 

The project aims to develop a community of members looking to engage in laughter, humor and work towards creating financial gains in the crypto space. Users can purchase exclusive NFT airdrops and even earn giveaways by being a part of the Copium ecosystem. 

On May 19th 2023, $COPIUM was listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. Before this, the project ran an exclusion presale, where only users who received invites could participate. This was a means of attracting influential investors to promote the project. 

The biggest $COPIUM holders from the presale were also offered exclusive NFT airdrops and $COPIUM tokens. 10% of the presale tokens can be directly unlocked, while the remaining 90% have a three-week vesting period. This decision has been taken to stop short-term traders from making a quick profit and dumping the token. 

The presale allocated 300 million tokens, which consisted of 30% of the overall token supply. By the time the token was listed on Uniswap, the price was $0.001213 per token. At current levels, $COPIUM is trading at $0.0059 per token, a price jump of nearly 390%. DEXTools states that the token has a 24-hour trading volume of $3.4 million and a market cap of over $5.6 million. 

$COPIUM looks to replicate the success of other meme projects, such as $PEPE, which have offered huge profits in the past few months. While meme coins can be a risky investment, they have the potential to offer huge returns as well. 

To learn more about the project and stay tuned with new updates, join the Copium Telegram group


7. Tamadoge (TAMA) - NFT Game Offering Rewards and 18x Returns

Tamadoge might initially appear to be another meme coin. But it separates itself from Dogecoin and Shiba Inu by offering players in-game rewards and entertainment. Most investors agree that Dogecoin has little utility, but Tamadoge enables players to climb the leaderboard by raising digital pets.

Players that nurture their pets into adulthood the fastest and then win battles receive TAMA tokens. Grooming pets involves walking, feeding and exercising them. Players can also breed pets to earn rewards.

Tamadoge proved it would be one of the best cryptos to buy during its crypto presale. It sold out in under two months and was scheduled to last until Q2 2022. The presale raised $19 million, but the initial coin offering (ICO) was even more spectacular.

TAMA was listed on OKX on 27 September 2022. Early investors bought TAMA coins for $0.01 during the presale, then watched the coin surge to $0.19 during the ICO. That's 18x returns for investors during a crypto winter. Investors who cannot access the centralized version can buy TAMA on OKX decentralized. The coin is also available on Uniswap and Bitmart.

LBank and MEXC listed Tamadoge on 5 October 2022, and has tier one exchange listings set for Q2 2023 including a top five exchange on April 27th 2023.

The other way Tamadoge distinguishes itself from most meme coins is with its deflationary status. Only 2 billion coins are in circulation, and that will decrease over time with the 5% token burn of transaction fees in the pet store. 

Tamadoge NFTs have now also been released on OpenSea, including common, rare and ultra rare collections.

Other developments coming to the platform are more P2E Arcade games - so far half a dozen have been released - and an augmented reality (AR) app. The app will make the interaction between players and pets more realistic. 

Stay in touch with this project's latest developments by subscribing to the Tamadoge Telegram channel.



8. Scorpion Casino - This Crypto Casino Has a Lot of Growth Potential

In recent years, the crypto casino market has undergone remarkable growth, witnessing the swift emergence of several projects that gained immense popularity in a short period. However, there is a new project and platform on the horizon set to revolutionize this specific market.

Scorpion Casino leads the way as the pioneering betting platform driving the industry's evolution. Its core objective is to deliver a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience to users while ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to earn. With the global online betting platform being valued at an astonishing $530.2 billion, Scorpion Casino stands poised to make a substantial impact and capture a significant market share. Additionally, the projected growth of the online betting market to $145.6 billion by 2030 further highlights its significance and potential.

Scorpion Casino currently consists of three key features: the Scorpion Casino platform, the affiliate system, and the SCORP token. The platform itself operates as a licensed sports betting and casino platform based on cryptocurrency. In contrast, the affiliate system serves as a referral and reward mechanism, while the SCORP token functions as a governance and reward token for users.

Scorpion Casino offers users a comprehensive selection of gaming options, boasting an extensive library of over 200 casino games and 160 live games. These games are fully licensed and adhere to stringent fairness standards. Among the available games, players can enjoy popular choices such as slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and immersive live casino experiences. Additionally, the platform has established partnerships with renowned providers including Evolution, NetEnt, Play N Go, Novomatic, EGT, and AMATIC. Sports enthusiasts can also indulge in diverse sports betting options covering football, tennis, American football, horse racing, basketball, golf, boxing, and MMA.

All of this will allow the project to break down the barriers in the casino industry. Players can get additional benefits by joining the Elite Scorpion Members Club, which grants features like VIP service, cashback, extra staking rewards, and extra SCORP tokens.

The SCORP token assumes a pivotal role within the ecosystem, providing users with four key benefits. First and foremost, it serves as the exclusive payment method within the ecosystem. Additionally, token holders have the opportunity to generate passive income. The token also unlocks weekly bonuses and free games for users and plays an integral part in the affiliate system.

As for the token supply, the SCORP token has a total of 1 billion in circulation. Out of this supply, 280 million SCORP tokens have been allocated for the presale, while 300 million tokens have been earmarked for affiliate rewards.

The Scorpion Casino team has devised a roadmap detailing their upcoming plans. These plans encompass live affiliate events, partnerships, marketing campaigns, and collaborations. Their focus for the latter half of the year revolves around scaling the platform to achieve substantial growth and expansion.

Token Symbol SCORP
Presale Supply200,000,000 SCORP
Token TypeBEP-20
Payment MethodETH, USD, BNB
Listing Price $0.05


9. Swords of Blood (SWDTKN) - Next Big Crypto Game with High Profit Potential

Swords of Blood is a play-to-earn MMORPG project that combines the fun gameplay fundamentals of a hack-and-slash game with Web 3 to give players not only a great game with a deep lore, but also a way to earn a profit in crypto from gaming. 

Players get to choose their class in this RPG game before getting started - battle mage, warrior, rogue, or a mix of these classes before venturing deep into creative dungeons and locations full of enemies where slaying the enemies and solving puzzles comes with a dynamic collection of loot that will make your player character even more powerful. 

Blockchain games have been criticized for not being fun to play. Swords of Blood, being an extension of a Web 2 game that was launched in 2019, is aiming to change that thanks to its experience.

Powering this P2E game is the $SWDTKN token, which has multiple utilities, including staking and the ability to buy upgrades from the in-game marketplace. Its also on presale currently, allowing early investors another way to profit. Click the link below to learn more about this GameFi asset. 

10. Solana (SOL) - Efficient Ecosystem Facilitating Large-Volume Transactions

Using the Solana network offers developers and peer-to-peer users several advantages. This network is ideal for developers wanting a platform to build scalable applications. Solana enables users to send funds globally for mere pennies.

Besides the low costs, Solana provides a platform that's extremely efficient. Large volumes of transactions can be processed in seconds. Currently, Solana's network processes around 4,000 transactions per second. But the platform is working on upgrading its system to process 65,000 transactions per second.

Users can also take advantage of safe transacting because Solana's network is spread over thousands of independent nodes. Besides providing a reliable and effective ecosystem, Solana boasts a highly lucrative coin.

SOL is one of the cryptos to watch because it has provided investors with massive returns. That's because many investors recognized the utility the project offers and the real-world problems it solves.

Investors who bought SOL in January 2021 watched the coin go on an epic bull run, eventually providing more than 20,000% returns by November of that year.

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Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

11. Cardano (ADA) - Top Proof of Stake Platform Earning Investors High Profits

Cardano's proof of stake platform was designed to be flexible and scalable for facilitating smart contracts. Developers use Cardano to build games, decentralized applications (dApps) and cryptocurrencies.

By using the proof of stake consensus, Cardano rewards the highest number of ADA tokens to validators depending on their investment in the pool and the length of time that the coins were locked in.

The network enables developers to design native coins that operate on the same architecture as the ADA coin. These native tokens are regarded as superior to other coins on the blockchain because they're more secure and have lower transaction fees.

ADA Is one of the cryptos with the most potential to go on an epic bull run. It's proven that twice in the last five years. At the end of 2017, Cardano's price pump resulted in investors bagging returns of more than 5,000%. The most recent bull run was at the end of 2020. The coin surged more than 2,000% by September 2021.

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Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

12. Ethereum (ETH) - Second Biggest Coin Facilitating Smart Contracts

Ethereum hosts thousand of dApps and is a leading smart contract provider. Its smart contract functionality enables a project's stakeholders to communicate with each other without the control or interference of a central authority.

Ethereum used the proof work consensus, requiring miners to verify transactions. But the network changed to a proof of stake platform during the infamous Ethereum Merge. The motivation behind the move was to reduce Ethereum's carbon footprint and make the entire ecosystem more environmentally friendly.

Switching to the new consensus has enabled stakers to earn rewards by staking ETH. Other upcoming developments to Ethereum's network are lower transaction fees and more efficient transactions. 

Ethereum is the second-largest crypto by market capitalization. It usually follows Bitcoin during its bull run, and it did just that at the end of 2020. Investors who bought ETH in September 2020 received returns of just over 1,400% by November 2021.

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Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

13. Dogecoin (DOGE) - Ultimate Meme Coin Receiving Celebrity Endorsements

Many investors regard Dogecoin to be the best meme coin because of the returns provided. Although Dogecoin's bull run was based purely on speculation since the coin doesn't have much utility, it has made an impact on the crypto community.

It's listed on the major exchanges and was the talk of the town during the meme coin era. A key reason the coin's price surged was due to celebrity endorsements, especially by Elon Musk. Dogecoin became even more popular once it was listed on Robinhood and Tesla announced it would accept it as a payment method.

Numerous meme coins were developed as a result of Dogecoin's popularity. Many tried to feed off its hype by claiming to be a better alternative but no meme coin project emulated Dogecoin's returns. 

The coin surged at the end of 2017 and pumped to 2,000% by the beginning of 2018. But that bull run paled in comparison to its latest price pump. The coin surged again at the end of 2020, providing investors with more than 20,000% returns by May 2021.

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Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

14. Bitcoin - Pioneering Crypto Providing Rewards for the Longest Duration

Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency and is the highest profit crypto since it's been on the blockchain the longest. It's a long term crypto that has become more popular throughout the years, and it has increased its returns to investors.

It's the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization and has been on several bull runs. Bitcoin's 2013 bull run provided investors with more than 1,000% returns. At the time, it was unheard of for a financial asset to yield such high returns in a short period. And Bitcoin was only one of the few cryptos to have a bull run that year. 

Not only did Bitcoin's 2017 bull run offer massive returns again, but it was the catalyst for many of the best altcoins to surge as well. Many investors entered the crypto market in 2017 because of the attention that Bitcoin's bull run received.

Bitcoin was the leading crypto during the most recent bull run. During the 2020 global lockdowns, asset prices plummeted, and many investors lost hope in receiving returns in the near future. 

Bitcoin didn't need long to recover, as it began making higher lows towards the end of the year and eventually led the 2021 crypto bull, reaching its all-time high of $69,000 in November that year. With that said many investors are now asking themselves how much should I invest in Bitcoin.

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Cryptoassets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

How to Find Highly Profitable Crypto

The highest profit cryptocurrency usually had several bull runs. Investors can analyze the charts of assets to gauge their price action. It’s common for the most volatile cryptos to provide the highest profits.

Investors can also use several methods to open buy positions as cryptos are surging.


Numerous crypto signals groups send alerts to subscribers about cryptocurrencies on the move. The alerts inform investors about the entry price and the potential profit-taking level.

Traders can also customize their own settings in TradingView. This charting platform enables traders to sort assets according to the percentage change in daily movement. Cryptos with the highest price movements appear at the top and in green, making it easy for traders to notice.


CoinMarketCap tracks the listings and price movements of cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. It also ranks cryptos according to their market capitalization. The top 10 cryptocurrencies on the list captured the biggest share of the market and have done so because investors have demanded those coins.

Dogecoin wasn’t one of the top 10 cryptos before its latest bull run, but investors buying the coin during its hype resulted in it becoming one of the biggest coins on the market.


Blockchain projects that had a successful crypto presales are usually then also profitable during the ICO. The Love Hate Inu presale quickly reached the $5 million mark, and Ecoterra the $2 million mark at press time - showing a high level of early investor demand.

Most Profitable Time to Buy Crypto

Buying low and selling high is the most profitable investment strategy. The part of that equation investors struggle with the most is finding the bottom. Many investors believe that ICO prices are the bottom, but lower prices are found during presales.

Only a small group of investors know about each project’s crypto presale. During the ICO is when the rest of the market finds out about it. But discounted prices are available at the onset of the project, especially during the beta presale.


Before knowing how to trade cryptocurrency for profit, investors need to identify volatile assets. Those assets are likely to provide the highest profits for investors. Although the most profitable cryptocurrency to buy are usually one of the top 14 coins by market capitalization, we found a few that are currently in presale.

Love Hate Inu's presale has already proven the $LHINU token is profitable, especially because it has raised a tremendous amount of money in a short period. Once it lists on exchanges, $LHINU is likely to become more valuable as investors rush to buy the 10% allocated to liquidity.

One of the most profitable cryptocurrencies right now is AiDoge ($AI), a new AI-powered meme generating platform. Since the presale started, AiDoge has already raised more than $11 million. The project aims to raise nearly $15 million before listing on exchanges. 



Which crypto is most profitable short term?

Trading cryptocurrency for profit in the short term requires traders to find highly volatile cryptos. One profitable cryptocurrency in the short-term can be AiDoge (AI) - which raised $11 million so far, within months of launching.