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Missed Wojak, ArbDoge and Pepe Coin Price Pumps? Meme Coin Traders Now Flocking to AI Crypto Coins

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

Earlier in the week, several coins in the crypto industry witnessed a significant pump in their prices.

Coins like the Wojak, PEPE, and the AiDoge witnessed their asset prices surge by more than 49.65%, 72.98%, and 69.87%, respectively. Those who might have missed out on these meme coins may be ruing their lost fortune. However, a new crypto project is currently taking the industry by storm.

Focused on using AI to make market analysis, is a newly launched crypto project looking to provide powerful trading analytics crypto investors can rely on in making trading decisions. So far, market experts believe that this coin comes with significant upside potential once it launches. 

yPredict Makes Trading Predictable

The AI-powered price prediction system yPredict which as the name implies aims at predicting prices of financial markets with the use of powerful AI algorithms.

The AI- powered concept aims to solve a bevy of problems associated with trade and trading models to make well informed predictions at breakneck speed.

yPredict has several unique characteristics for its market predictions. First, the yPredict platform is an open and free platform without any need for registrations or logins to access price predictions for thousands of coins.

This platform also generates its predictions through state-of-the-art predictive models.

yPredict is here as a solution for traders, market analysts, quants and developers. Understanding the need for data-driven insights, yPredict serves to make trading more profitable with its next generation artificial intelligence.

The platform would provide trading signals in real time, sentiment analysis in real time, and technical analysis all done by AI.

The platform’s token $YPRED is used to pay for its memberships and the predictive models available on the marketplace, boosting the utility and value of the token.

Currently in its fourth presale stage, the AI-powered predictive platform has already garnered over $455,000. Early-bird investors can buy the $YPRED token at a current price of $0.05 which will see them make 150% from their initial investment once the token lists at $0.12. 

Buying $YPRED Token ensures free lifetime predictions and access to yPredict Analytics base models which were built by the top 1% of AI developers. 

This goes alongside lucrative staking rewards, more potential and huge discounts to gain access to the platforms in the yPredict ecosystem.

While this is a novel approach to trading that everyone would embrace, another AI model token impressing meme coin traders is this token that has taken meme-inspired tokens to the next level.

AIDoge In A League Of Its Own: Starts Next Generation of Meme tokens.

Meme tokens have had a special communal placement in the crypto world and have been seen as a powerful tool for community building and engagement. 

Meme coins have become part of the nascent industry with their inputs in the crypto space becoming a form of homage to the power of a decentralized community. 

Coins such as Doge and Shiba Inu which peaked sometime in 2021 may have suggestively plateaued to give way for several new coins to pave way.

Although these coins have to pay homage to the initial originators, newer meme coins with a large utility range have evolved and now even AI generating meme platforms.

The AIDoge platform is simply an AI-powered innovation used to generate high-quality crypto related and relevant memes for its users.

The platform utilises very advanced AI technology to create memes based on the user-provided text prompts.

All meme generation is done with ease as the AI simply processes the input and creates relevant, engaging memes easily accessible.

The meme-inspired  platform employs the native token $AI as its primary currency used to purchase credits and generate memes.

Community members can stake to receive daily rewards as well as gain access to several premium features.

The AIDoge platform allows its users to vote on other memes, to determine their ranks on the public wall, and memes with the highest votes stand a chance to win $AI tokens as rewards.

The project is currently tearing through its presale having raised over $423,000 in presale already. 

The price currently stands at $0.000026 and is a project worth considering for the long term.

Buy AiDoge Here

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency projects endorsed in this article are not the financial advice of the publishing author or publication – cryptocurrencies are highly volatile investments with considerable risk, always do your own research.