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Miny.cc’s Whitelisting Exercise Oversubscribes by 250%

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Miny.cc wallet PR

A cryptocurrency wallet platform based in Hong concluded a round of whitelisting for various solutions targeting cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The exercise that was oversubscribed by almost 250% paves the way Miny.cc to start offering its joined pool mining solutions.

It will not be the first time the cryptocurrency space has seen recruitment conducted through whitelisting. During the epitome of the ICO craze in 2018, most start-ups used the process to recruit and vet their prospective backers.

Miny.cc used the same to register individuals that are interested in joining mining pools. It also invited individuals that have vast networks to participate in the platform’s affiliate program. The information about the two opportunities is available both on the website and on Miny.cc’s official Telegram channel.

The Pitfalls of the Current Cryptocurrency Mining Environment

When Bitcoin was invented, Satoshi Nakamoto foresaw a situation where platform users help maintain the cryptocurrency’s network by verifying transactions before they are included in the blockchain. This process is called mining and users that participate get block rewards as a result.

The original idea was to make it possible for anyone to participate using the ordinary CPU of an average PC. However, the pursuit of better remuneration from mining has pushed people to design specialized tools. These paraphernalia, Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) are not cheap. A typical ASICs with a hash power output of just 8.6 TH/s goes for more than $1,000. If you want to invest in more computational power, you may need to dig deeper into your pockets.

Power tariffs are another issue. Most mining farms rely on electricity generated from burning hydrocarbons. Such sources of power hurt the environment.

Solution that Miny.cc Offers

Democratizing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining

Evidently, it is now harder to mine Bitcoin than it was five or eight years ago. The democratized process that Nakamoto envisioned is long gone; trampled by big corporations that are hungry for profits that the mining industry gives. Not many people can afford the specialized tools that are now necessary for anyone that wants to mine Bitcoin profitably.

Miny.cc is leveling the playing field. The joined mining pools allow anyone that wants to participate in mining to do so without investing colossal amounts that are associated with it. Besides, the farms are based in Hong Kong; a region that is trailblazing on green energy and other environment-friendly forms of generating power.

Elaborate Referral and Affiliate Program

The business understands the importance of established networks in building a following. For this reason, the other class of individuals that Miny.cc wants to talk to are top leaders that have large affiliate networks. If you belong to this category, be on the lookout for when this link will go live and get in touch with the platform’s HR team.

Miny.cc is promising commissions for every recruit that signs for an account using the referrer’s link. Besides, the platform will customize the agreement it makes with each leader depending on what the said leader is ready to contribute towards the success of Miny.cc.

Deflationary Cryptocurrency

Miny.cc’s native token, MINY, is deflationary. This feature is innately built on to the coin because every time a transaction is completed in the platform, a portion of the tokens is burned. The feature means that the coins in circulation will reduce in number over time but appreciate in value. Therefore, if you buy and hold the tokens over time, you are guaranteed to earn when the value surges.

Additives on the Miny.cc Network

The team at Miny.cc is pursuing profitability for the network and its users. To this end, it has integrated additional, relevant technology into its mining process. For instance, Miny.cc uses artificial intelligence for several purposes. The in-house IT team has assembled a mining algorithm which monitors the current market conditions and creates models for accurately predicting the markets in future.

Besides, the platform mines several cryptocurrencies. The diversity gives room for shifting when mining one cryptocurrency becomes a liability. And, the network uses the AI algorithm to determine which of the cryptocurrencies is profitable to mine at any one time.

Secure Wallet

A secure cryptocurrency wallet is an essential tool for any blockchain user. As such, Miny.cc is giving out a secure wallet which comes as a default setting with every account created on the platform. This wallet securely receives and stores ETH, LTC, BTC, and MINY tokens.

More information about the Miny.cc platform is available on the website while its value proposition is highlighted in the whitepaper that is available here. However, for hard questions that require one-on-one response, get in touch with the customer service team via email: [email protected] or via the official Telegram channel: https://t.me/minycc.

Also, be on the lookout for Miny.cc’s mobile app. The tool is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. It will soon be available on Google Play and Apple Store.