Mining Disrupt 2022 Features Rebel Mining Company

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Mining Disrupt is one of the largest Bitcoin Mining Expo that focuses on in-depth blockchain enterprise-level solutions and cryptocurrency mining. Since its inception, the Expo has facilitated the growth of the crypto market, bringing together various crypto players. Mining Disrupt is currently planning its fourth Bitcoin Mining Expo, which will run from July 26 to 28th this year.

The event will be held at the Miami Convention Center in Miami, Florida, featuring a 250000 square foot mining container showcase, a cigar lounge, and a pool party. During these three days (July 26-28), the attendees will also have an opportunity to meet and interact with other investors and vendors, such as Rebel Mining Company.

Rebel Mining Company is a professional data center service offering turnkey co-location solutions for digital currency miners. The company supports the growing blockchain and High-Performance Computing industry through co-location sites, power infrastructure, and other software solutions.

According to Mason LeGrange, the COO of Rebel Mining Company, the goal is to build a simple, cost-effective blockchain infrastructure that can support and propel any project through the rapidly growing blockchain and High-Performance Computing Industry (HPC). Rebel Mining is powering the future’s digital infrastructure through its one-of-a-kind system, which will be showcased at the Mining Disrupt 2022 Expo, booth 258.  

Mason LeGrange and Jordan Collins, both considered experts in the industry, are also among the speakers attending this year’s Mining Disrupt conference. Mason LeGrange will deliver a speech about “Navigating a Maturing Industry” and how to support the HTC industry through power infrastructure, co-locations sites, and software solutions.

Blockchain is a growing industry, and this novel technology may still have unexplored sides. Mason LeGrange believes that for the sector to reach its highest potential, more emphasis should be placed on the infrastructure. Mason will shed more light during the Mining Disrupt Expo event as he discusses how Rebel Mining is closing this gap. 

Rebel Mining Company has created containerized plug-and-play infrastructure. This is to ensure that your equipment remains in peak performance and can produce its highest hash rate possible to the network. 

Jordan Collins, the Director of Energy Solutions at Rebel Mining Company, will also be in attendance. Jordan will be sitting on a panel called “The Bitcoin Mining Beef,” which is the first of its kind unscripted discussion in the Mining Disrupt. The Bitcoin Mining Beef will delve into carbon neutral, sustainable, and grid energy. 

As people gear up for this year’s Mining Disrupt Expo, slated for July 26 to the 28th at the Miami Convention center in Miami, Mason LeGrange and Jordan Collins, among other speakers, are bringing more robust discussions to the table as they take blockchain to the next level. To learn more about Rebel Mining Company and its services, you can visit booth 258 at the Expo.

Those interested in attending high level discussions about the mining industry are encouraged to attend the three-day event. More information about this year’s Mining Disrupt Expo is available on the Mining Disrupt and Rebel Mining Company website.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.