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Metropoly Marketplace Beta 3.0 Scheduled for May 28th – Is This The Next Passive Income Crypto to 10x?

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

The Metropoly project recently launched the third beta version of its groundbreaking marketplace on May 28th, and analysts are predicting an exceptional surge following its launch. Metropoly has created a revolutionary real estate investment platform that provides all of its NFT holders with a passive income generated through the property’s rental yield.

The presale for the project managed to raise over $1.7 million in fundraising as almost 4,000 investors rushed to be a part of the next crypto-based real estate investment opportunity. Now, with the presale over, Metropoly is focused on launching the marketplace and getting the platform in front of as many eyes as possible.

Metropoly Marketplace 3.0 Scheduled For Imminent Release – 10x Incoming?

The Metropoly 3.0 Beta launched on May 28th at 6 PM UTC. The team is gearing up for its successful launch by getting the word out and advertising the platform across multiple locations.

Metropoly has created the world’s first NFT marketplace where all of the NFTs are backed by real-world properties that can provide a passive income. Backed by real-world utility, Metropoly is changing the real estate investment game through its marketplace, allowing investors to get started on their real estate journeys without needing to contact a bank for a mortgage or fill out mountains of paperwork.

Instead, Metropoly wants to democratize real estate investment and open up the market to users across the globe, regardless of their country of origin or their previous credit history. Furthermore, the best part about the platform is that users can get started with their property portfolios with as little as $100.

This is made possible through the magic of tokenization. All of the properties in the Metropoly portfolio are broken down into little pieces, which are then individually tokenized as NFTs. Users can purchase as many NFTs as they would like, with each costing $100.

Despite the fractional ownership, investors are still entitled to the same benefits they would receive if they owned the entire property. For example, NFT holders can sell their NFT at any time to take advantage of any capital appreciation on the property. However, the best advantage is the passive income holding the NFT provides.

Does Metropoly Really Give Out Passive Income?

With the Beta 3.0 version of the marketplace on the horizon, investors are wondering how holding an NFT provides holders with a passive income. Well, the income is generated through the rental yield on the property – which is historically one of the most reliable sources of cash flow on the planet.

The rental yield is entirely passive because the Metropoly team serves as the property agent for all of its portfolio. This means that they will advertise the property to find tenants, handle all of the property maintenance, and ensure tenants are paying their rent each month. As a result, NFT holders just need to keep the NFT in their wallet to receive their share of the rental yield each month – distributed to them as stablecoins.

Metropoly Partners With Ultraclub

Another reason why the Metropoly ecosystem is gaining traction is because of its partnership with Ultraclub. This partnership provides users with discounts on 5-star hotels, restaurants, and activities – with over 1 million hotels, 200,000 venues, and a VIP concierge service.

Ultraclub operates in a number of locations across the globe, including Ibiza, Phuket, Singapore, Monaco, Miami, Colombia, and New York. Now, users can take advantage of the partnership and unlock the world of luxury travel with Ultra Travel Club CIP memberships and experience ultimate luxurious vacations.

Metropoly to Unlock a New Wave of Real Estate Investors With Beta 3.0

The anticipation for the Marketplace Beta 3.0 is quickly heating up as investors wait on the sideline to start their property portfolios and begin earning a passive income. The Beta 3.0 version of the marketplace is expected to bring in a new wave of investors who will flock to the platform to begin investing in real estate through cryptocurrency.

The marketplace is expected to unlock a new wave of investors, who all recognize that the wealthiest individuals in the world use the real estate asset class to grow their fortunes.

As the platform starts to gain traction and people start to hear about the passive income from holders, we can expect huge price movements in the METRO token itself as its value will increase. METRO is the utility token for the entire Metropoly ecosystem and will be used as a payment and reward method on the platform. Furthermore, those that purchase real estate with METRO tokens are entitled to benefits on the platform, such as cashback and additional investor NFTs.

Overall, it’s not surprising to see Metropoly stealing all the headlines as its Marketplace Beta 3.0 release looms. Once released, investors will be able to start investing in one of the safest asset classes in existence.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.