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Metropoly Ecosystem Continues Expansion After Launching on XT.com and Marketplace Beta 3.0 Scheduled for May 28th.

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The Metropoly ecosystem continues to expand following its successful presale, in which it managed to raise $1.7 million. After the end of the presale, the METRO token was launched on XT.com and Uniswap, and the team started to roll out its marketing strategy to get the groundbreaking real estate ownership platform in front of millions of people.

Metropoly has created a revolutionary real estate investment platform filled with income-generating real-estate-backed NFTs that lets users get started on their real estate journeys in a matter of seconds with as little as $100. The team recently announced that the Metropoly Marketplace Beta 3.0 is scheduled for rollout on May 28th - and it's getting investors extremely excited.

Metropoly Successfully Launches on XT.com Following Epic Presale

The Metropoly presale attracted over $1.7 million in fundraising as almost 4,000 investors rushed to participate in the revolutionary real estate platform. Following its presale, the METRO token was made available to be claimed by investors, and the token was listed on XT.com and Uniswap. Within the first hour of launching on XT.com, METRO surged by over 330%;

The project was also featured on the homepage of XT.com - putting the project in front of 6 million users on the top-tier exchange;

Metropoly Putting Real Estate Back on the Map - Beta 3.0 Scheduled for May 28th

Metropoly is the world’s first NFT marketplace backed by real-world properties that provide a passive income for all holders. The platform is designed to let investors purchase their first piece of real estate in a matter of seconds without the need to contact a bank or fill out mountains of paperwork.

The team behind Metropoly is on a mission to totally democratize real estate investment. They want to make the real estate market accessible to users across the globe, regardless of their country of origin or credit history.

The best part about the platform is the fact that investors can get started with as little as $100. This is made possible through the magic of fractionalized ownership. All of the properties on the Metropoly Marketplace are broken down into tiny pieces and tokenized individually as NFTs, allowing investors to buy into part of a real estate property.

Still, all NFT holders are entitled to the same benefits they receive if they invest in real estate through traditional avenues. For example, they can take advantage of capital gains on the property by selling it at any time. Furthermore, they’re also entitled to receive their share of the rental yield on the property, providing them with a genuine passive income.

The passive income-generating side of the Metropoly Marketplace is what is driving the FOMO behind the project. A passive income is everybody’s dream, but most people are unable to really attain a genuinely passive income. The revenue generated through the Metropolly NFTs is entirely passive because the Metropoly team acts as the property manager. They ensure that the property maintenance is handled and find tenants to stay at the property.

As a result, NFT holders simply need to hold the NFTs in their wallets to receive their monthly passive income in the form of stablecoins.

The Metropoly team recently announced that the Beta 3.0 version of its marketplace is scheduled to drop on May 28th, which will finally allow investors to get started on their real estate journeys.

Marketing Push Continues to Drive Adoption Alongside Token Burn

With the presale officially out of the way the team is looking forward to ensuring that the Metropoly Marketplace is put in front of as many eyes as possible.

Following the listing on XT.com, Uniswap DEX, and CoinMarketCap, Metropoly was also listed on CoinGecko;

The team also put Metropoly on a huge billboard in New York Times Square, which is one of the most prestigious advertising locations on the planet;

In addition to this, Metropoly launched an LED banner in Las Vegas, partnered with Ultraclub and selected AirBNB properties, and is working with several influencers in the crypto space.

One of the major happenings for the project was the recent token burn. To demonstrate the team’s dedication to the project and the community, they decided to burn 20% of the total circulating METRO supply - removing 200,000,000 METRO from the market;

Overall, Metropoly is on the right path to realizing its goals behind the project in creating a new standard for real estate investment. Once the Marketplace Beta 3.0 is released, investors can start buying their first real estate investments and generating a passive income on their NFTs.