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Metaverse Project Fight Out Introduces 67% Token Bonus, 0 Vesting – Over $4 Million Raised

Friday, February 17th, 2023 – The Move-to-earn powered metaverse platform Fight Out now offering a token bonus of up to 67%.

Also, for those who do not want their tokens locked up, there is now an option to invest without a vesting period.

Although the project is designed to incentivize long-term investing for maximum returns, the team is tweaking the presale structure to appeal to all types of potential buyers.

Extra 10% bonus for existing Fight Out investors

Furthermore, all those who have already invested in the project will receive a 10% bonus.

The bonus schedule, which at the top of the scale allows investors to receive a bonus of 25% on investment amounts of $50,000 or more and now 42% on a vesting period of 36 months, stays in place for the duration of the presale. 

Interest is growing in the groundbreaking Web3 project. 

Train Hard, Fight Easy, Win Big with the Fight Out Metaverse

Fight Out is a metaverse where users compete with the community in a variety of fun and addictive game modes for rewards. Seen this before? The difference: Fight Out avatar stats are based on the user’s real-life training and achievement. 

Unique to Fight Out is their approach to giving users a ‘soulbound’ NFT avatar. As the user trains in real life with the Fight Out platform, they earn REPS which they can use to upgrade their avatar’s stats and attire through the in-app store. 

In the Fight Out metaverse, the user is able to socialize with the Fight Out community, purchase digital assets, and compete in high-stakes leagues, tournaments, and a variety of exciting game modes to win $FGHT and other rewards. 

Fight Out’s goal is to provide gamers with a deeper, more rewarding gameplay experience where they are rewarded for training. And for fitness enthusiasts, an increased utility for their hard-earned physicality.  

Web3 tech provides access to elite combat athletes, training and rewards, preparing the user for the metaverse.

Fight Outs training platform serves as a bridge to onboard the mass market of gamers and fitness enthusiasts to the metaverse through a combination of entertaining and inspiring ambassador masterclasses and fitness classes designed by combat athletes.

As part of that vision, Fight Out has already succeeded in attracting elite athlete ambassadors from the world of boxing and mixed martial arts – UFC fighter Amanda Ribas and champ boxer Savannah Marshall are among the first. 

Users can undertake ambassador-set challenges and participate in on-demand video classes in the platform centered on Strength and Conditioning, Cardio, Technique, and Mobility.

A strong community is at the heart of a project's success. Fight Out creates a virtuous circle of activity-encouraging feedback, keeping users on track with their health and fitness goals.

Get rewarded with off-chain REPS

Unlike with a fitness experience, Fight Out’s technology means progress and consistency are rewarded with off-chain REPS tokens for progress and achievements.

REPS can also be used to purchase in-app goods and other services and to purchase digital goods in the Fight Out marketplace.

All of the training and rewards mechanics are brought together and managed in the Fight Out platform, where premium, feature-length ambassador content, and personal training content is consumed by the user. 

Fight Out raises more than $4 Million from hungry investors – token price rises every 12 hours.

So far, Fight Out has raised $4.26 million from investors in its ongoing token presale, open to all members of the public globally. 

To incentivize early purchases, the price of the token increases every 12 hours. 

$FGHT is currently priced at $0.02269 and the exchange listing price is expected to be $0.0333.

Fight Out has already pre-announced listings on seven exchanges: XT.com, LBank, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex and Uniswap.

The move-to-earn project is backed by Transak, LBank Labs, Block Labs and Cryptonews.com.

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