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Metaverse NFT | 5 Best Projects Launching in 2022

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Metaverse and NFTs must be the two buzzwords that changed the course of the Web3 industry last year. And many of us thought it’d be a phase. We couldn’t have been more wrong. The Web3 industry has embraced both metaverse and NFTs. This is especially true in the gaming and entertainment sectors. We are witnessing a new surge of projects with unique themes, technology, reward systems, and economy. However, most are in their early stages of development, it’s hard to determine how they will unfold in the coming stages. 

We’ve done the work for you. In this article, we list the top metaverse NFT projects that are ready to launch in 2022 and why they should be on your radar

5 Best Metaverse NFT Projects Launching in 2022

Top Metaverse NFT Projects 2022: Reviewed 

Let’s take a detailed look at the best metaverse NFT projects gearing up to take off this year. We analyze their vision, mission, unique value propositions, product features, NFT collections, and roadmap among other key factors. 

Souls of Nature

Souls of Nature secures the first place on our list of the best metaverse NFT projects to look forward to this year. And for all the right reasons. 

Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are futuristic. No argument about that. NFTs, in particular, can change the gaming industry with improved transparency and fairness. They guarantee true ownership and trustless transfer of in-game assets. On the other hand, cryptocurrency can build a robust digital economy without relying on centralized intermediaries. 

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However, there is a catch. NFTs are not exactly eco-friendly. Developers and techpreneurs across the world are actively working toward making the technology more environmentally sustainable. But it shouldn’t stop there, believes Souls of Nature. This new metaverse project aims to prove that NFTs and web3 can, in fact, be used as a tool to make a social impact. Let’s see how. 

Souls of Nature has 9,271 Animal Soul NFTs underway that will give users an immersive metaverse experience, while a share of the sales proceeds will be donated to protect endangered wildlife around the world. The gaming theme also reflects this mission. It takes you back to our origins in the spirit world, where you are reborn as a young cub. A vast journey lies ahead of you, involving quests, dangers, and challenging tasks that will unlock a fraction of your soul (and rewards, of course). The journey will mold and define the evolution of your animal spirit. 

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An animal Soul NFT is your identity in the metaverse. While Animal Souls used to live in continuous balance, wildlife is now under threat due to natural disasters and destruction. Here, your ultimate goal is to help restore the beauty of the island’s natural essence, one quest at a time. Along the way, you have to guide and help gamers to share this vision. This essentially means that not all Animal Souls are onboard. They are known as Shadow Souls. Their pessimism and hatred add to the ongoing destruction. How do you tackle it? That’s what the game is about.

The project uses the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tools like Epic Games and Unreal Engine to create the HD metaverse. It features photorealistic rendering, dynamic physics and effects, life-like animation, and more that are on par with the best traditional video games. Souls of Nature is powered by Metazooie Studios, a team based in Mexico with more than ten years of experience building 3D worlds. The play-to-earn project will mark Metazooie’s first immersive experience. 

Nature Soul NFTs are scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2022. In the last quarter, the project will launch the $ZOOIE economy. And the official release of Genesis Episodes will be in the first quarter of 2023. 

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Pax.world is a metaverse project that allows users to make life-like avatars using features such as 3D facial scanning. The metaverse experience is hyper-personalized through  high-end audio, video, and chat integrations. More than a homogenous virtual world, pax.world wants to empower users to create their own worlds. They should be able to explore and trade NFTs on the user-owned platforms. 

The project focuses beyond gaming and entertainment to provide rich and interactive experiences that nurture socialization, education, and commerce. It is made possible by hosting a performance-optimized virtual world. In the state-of-the-art metaverse, you can create and purchase 3D assets like buildings, highly intricate models, and fashion. It is built using the Unity 3D game engine, known for its face-scanning features that create 3D life-like avatars. Other perks include low hardware requirements, HD video, and audio broadcasting. 

With Pax.world, the team wants to make the metaverse experience accessible for a wide range of users. According to the project’s vision, it will be a world of its own. For example, it will feature NFT art galleries that will not be just a place to display artwork from celebrated and emerging artists, but also for auctions. It will have educational centers characterized by an interactive learning experience. There will be business centers where you can host meetings, AMAs, and events too. 

$PAXW will serve as the native token of the Pax.world ecosystem. It will be used to create, buy, and sell in-game assets, lease in-game property, and transfer value among metaverse users. Over time, its utilities will expand as the project evolves. For example, it could be used for purchasing and staking in-game collectibles and wearables. However, the most important utility of the token will be incentivization. Participants can get three types of rewards from the platform —  social rewards, creative rewards, and DAO rewards. 


If you are tired of creating hundreds of avatars over and over again in the virtual world, KLON offers a good solution. KLON claims to be the only avatar you will ever need to access the metaverse. The high-end 3D avatar adapts as you move across different metaverses.  You can switch from one connected metaverse to another in just a click. The multichain make-up of KLON allows it to connect to all connected metaverses automatically and securely.

KLON is designed to be your identity for the metaverse. So, it is “as unique as yourself”. It gives you control over your activities and existence in the metaverse. How? It allows you to choose where you want to be yourself and where you want to remain anonymous. KLON also has an exciting incentivization mechanism that rewards users based on their activity. You can earn more rewards the more you trade items or store values. All of these factors make KLON one of the best metaverse projects to keep an eye on.


Next on our list of the best NFT projects is RaceFi, a metaverse dedicated to car racing enthusiasts. It is a play-to-earn car racing game where players and participants own parts of the game as NFTs. As the first AI/ML integrated car racing game in the Solana ecosystem, RaceFi has a large community of followers. The gaming mechanics and reward system helps maintain the hype. It allows players to enjoy different game modes and earn rewards by controlling in-game property and interacting with other players. 

RaceFi has two game features, namely Pure Race and Battle Race. And Pure Race is again divided into two modes — PvP and PvE. While PvP allows you to directly drive and control the car, PvP has more scope for customization. The key defining feature is that the AI system will analyze the result of the race. Battle Race, on the other hand, requires players to upgrade their cars. Interestingly, it is endless till all players except the winner concede defeat. 

Anime Metaverse

Good news for Anime fans! There is a new metaverse underway for you — the first decentralized shōnen jump. Anime Metaverse works with popular Anime brands to build and launch their characters and metaverse NFT collections. It focuses on hosting community-led initiatives and social interactions to create next-gen Intellectual Properties (IPs). 

This is made possible by partnering, licensing, and onboarding anime and manga IPs. The community will be able to actively participate in the in-game economy through interactions with the system, events, and community that create value. Anime Metaverse also uses DeFi concepts like a gachapon system. It includes both in-game rewards like pets, consumables, land, crafting materials and real-world rewards like whitelists, free mints, partner projects, and anime convention passes. 


Metaverse and NFTs continue to revive the gaming and entertainment industries. Interestingly, they are making their way to more industries too. In this article, we took you through some trending NFT metaverse projects with diverse themes and visions. As you can see, they stand out in their own unique terms. We recommend adding all of these projects to your watchlist. They are promising and optimistic. How projects like Souls of Nature, in particular, take the metaverse mission a step ahead to create a social impact is something worth looking forward to. 

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