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The Metaverse Is About to Get a Lot More Interesting With This New Crypto Project

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 3 min read

The Metaverse is a fast-rising concept in the technology landscape. However, the virtual reality concept is seeing growing interest in the crypto space. More projects are launching metaverse-centric endeavors, and one such with real-world utility is the RobotEra protocol, which is the combination of Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Metaverse Gaming’s New Golden Child

Unveiled in 2022, RobotEra aims to combine several prominent Web3 concepts, allowing investors and players to have fun while also earning.

Players are tasked with creating digital avatars and assisting in the reconstruction of Taro. This planet was destroyed following a massive battle between its inhabitants and an army of invading robots.

The robots are now stranded and must rebuild Taro to make it their home, which is where the game begins. RobotEra assigns players the task of purchasing land and other in-game assets, rewarding them for their contributions to world-building and socialization.

The project gives players complete control over everything they own. All items, from avatars to in-game properties, are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), meaning players can freely trade and monetize them. RobotEra’s closed economy provides optimal liquidity thanks to a native NFT marketplace and the TARO token.

An Avenue for All Players

RobotEra offers various advantages to players. One of these is the game’s universal accessibility. It will be possible to create applications, games, gambling platforms, and dynamic 3D environments using the Robotera scripting language. 

In addition, players will be able to create objects, load textures, handle physics, and encode user interactions, noises, payments, and external calls using this scripting language, among other things. The game is compatible with all devices and operating systems, so anyone, regardless of location, can play it.

Players should be able to publish, share, and collect valuable digital assets that their creators have issued on the blockchain. These digital assets will be traded within this world via the scripting system supported by RobotEra, in the same way, they are traded in other virtual worlds or online forums.

It’s also worth noting that RobotEra can be played without special coding or technical knowledge. The platform is ideal for players of all skill levels because it does not require additional hardware or software.

Earn How You Want to 

RobotEra’s versatility is also part of its appeal when it comes to earning. The platform offers users many ways to earn, with world-building being the most prominent.

Additionally, players are required to acquire resources, create robot companions, and collaborate with other NFT communities. The project also includes a multiverse where users can interact with people from other worlds, organize events and concerts, and even visit virtual museums.

Invest in TARO Today

Powering all of RobotEra’s operations is TARO – the game’s native token. The coin primarily serves as the base of transactions for the game, with players being able to trade their NFTs for it and use it to purchase more assets.  

TARO can also be staked. This model allows users to earn passive income as they play RobotEra, giving it more intrinsic value.

RobotEra, like many others, is currently in its presale period and has been generating a lot of buzz recently. Its native token, TARO, has seen remarkable adoption in its short spell. The digital asset has raised more than $808,000, indicating a high investor interest in the Web3 multiverse protocol.

Visit RobotEra Presale Now

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