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Metacade – has the best new crypto to buy in 2023 just been announced?

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Finding the best metaverse projects of 2023 could be the key to becoming wealthy when the bull run returns. Companies are already trying to find the best way to integrate Web3 gaming into their web 2.0 strategy, and there are 3.25 billion gamers across the planet. 

Metacade is an upcoming Web3 gameFi project that has the potential to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best metaverse gaming projects in existence. If you’re not familiar with it, keep reading. We’re covering everything you need to know about it below – including why it could outperform the best metaverse projects of 2023.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a Web3 community hub. It’s sort of like that arcade that you and your friends would always hang out in after school. You might visit to play games competitively against one another. Or you might just go to hang out, play a few casual games, and chat. This kind of choose-your-own-adventure gaming hub is exactly what Metacade will be for Web3.

  • To that end, it aims to give people the oppurtunity to do things like:
  • Play established play-to-earn projects
  • Try out new community-developed Web3 games
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Discover the hottest job opportunities in Web3 gaming
  • Earn money by dominating high-stakes gaming competitions
  • Vote on new games to be funded via the platform

All of this is powered by the project’s native token – $MCADE. It’s what turns a compelling Web3 community into something that has the potential to become the best metaverse project in 2023

Metacade’s Roadmap

If you want to become a solid metaverse project, you’ll need a solid roadmap to make it happen. Metacade’s has the potential to outperform the best metaverse projects in existence.

The team began by building out its create-to-earn system, which incentivizes the community to provide alpha, write reviews, and even create games with token-based rewards.

The team is also working on building out more advanced systems for play-to-earn, compete-to-earn, and even work-to-earn. Once launched, these systems will give community members the ability to earn an income no matter how they choose to engage with the  best metaverse game options across the Metacade ecosystem.

Once the project has been built and the team considers it stable, it’s also planning on transitioning to a DAO governance model. This will give control of one of the best metaverse game options to the community in perpetuity.

What Makes Metacade Unique?

Metacade has the potential to be the be one of the most popular web3 projects for several reasons. Here are four to consider as you think about whether investing in it or one of the best metaverse games that are upcoming is right for you.

Community Centric

Many of the best metaverse projects of today are built to satisfy outside investors in the project – not the community that play them.

Metacade flips that model on its head. It gives the community the opportunity to get in from the ground floor with its upcoming token presale. Most of the best metaverse games and GameFi projects are highly influenced by venture capitalists.

Additionally, the plan for Metacade has always been to transition it to a project that’s fully run by the DAO by the end of 2024. The bottom line is that this project is built by the community, for the community.

More than Games

When you think about the best metaverse game, you typically imagine a single game. But Metacade isn’t a game at all. It’s a community hub where dozens of different games exist. This is what makes its potential so high.

With Metacade, gamers will be able to socialize with friends, view the latest Web3 and GameFi job opportunities, and even earn money by competing in tournaments for various games.

Other metaverse projects only have the potential to reach consumers in a single vertical. Metacade has the potential to reach them in many.

Made for Every Type of Gamer

Gamers will also be able to engage with Metacade in whatever ways they want. From hardcore competitive gamers who want to play in tense competitions, to casual players who just want a place to hang out online with their friends, Metacade has a spot for everyone.

It’s the Only Project Doing This

When you consider all of this in totality, Metacade is the only project that has all of these features planned. That makes it unique and gives it a level of potential that few projects in Web3 gaming can reach.

The Potential of Metacade

Whether Metacade becomes the most popular project or not remains to be seen. But the potential of this project is extremely high for each of the reasons listed above.

You can compare it to other Web3 gaming hubs like The Sandbox and Decentraland – each of which had multi-billion-dollar valuations at its peak.

Metacade is still in its infancy. But the team behind it is creating a Web3 project unlike any in existence with a larger total addressable market than most. That makes this upcoming Web3 gameFi project one of the very best to own in 2023 and beyond.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.