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Meta Masters Guild’s Final Presale Stage Almost Sold Out After $4.5 Million Raised – Secure Your Spot Now

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Wednesday February 15th, 2023 – With only 48 hours remaining in its presale, Meta Masters Guild has surged past the $4.5 million mark in funding, a remarkable achievement for the play-to-earn gaming platform.

The project has made significant progress, successfully advancing through six presale stages to reach the seventh and final one. 

As of now, there are less than 21,420,000 MEMAG tokens left, each of which is available for purchase at the lowest price of $0.023. 

This presents a unique opportunity to invest in the project at a discounted rate before the tokens get listed on exchanges.

$500,000 Raised in a Week as FOMO Takes Over

The presale is gaining momentum with an impressive rate of $500,000 per week, which is typical for popular presales nearing the end of their fundraising event. 

Although no listing price has been set, it is expected to be significantly higher than the final presale price. 

This offers an exciting opportunity for prospective investors to get in on the action in the rapidly-growing play-to-earn gaming sector. 

With the demand for the MEMAG token increasing rapidly, it’s essential for interested investors to act fast and seize this highly sought-after token offering.

Play-to-Earn Made Engaging and Sustainable

Crypto technology has seen the emergence of several disruptive applications, and Play-to-Earn (P2E) is undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy ones. 

Despite the initial success of games like Axie Infinity, the sustainability of P2E was called into question due to the focus on repetitive and tedious in-game tasks instead of fun gameplay.

The Meta Masters Guild is changing the narrative by prioritizing enjoyable and engaging gameplay. As a result, industry analysts are predicting that it has the potential to become the fastest-growing play-to-earn cryptocurrency of the year with 10x potential.

In any gaming endeavor, it’s essential to create products that are not only rewarding but also enjoyable to play. This approach ensures that users keep coming back for more, and the Meta Masters Guild is fully committed to achieving this goal.

Playable Version of the Game Out This Year

Meta Masters Guild has enlisted Gamearound, a renowned blockchain developer that has previously created games for large brands such as Boohoo, a top fashion retailer with over $1 billion in revenues.

Gamearound CEO Gideon Clifton announced the development of Meta Kart Racers, a new title that will be released later this year. The fully playable version of the game will include a free entry-level NFT character and kart, with premium versions available for purchase in their NFT marketplace or unlockable in the game.

According to Clifton, the company’s goal is to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry by introducing fun and rewarding Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, with Meta Kart Racers being the first in the MEMAG launch collection. 

He describes the partnership with MEMAG as a “landmark moment” for both Gamearound and the blockchain gaming industry.

“At Gamearound, we are building a decentralized future for the good of gaming and we are all stoked to be part of the MEMAG journey,” said Clifton.

NFT Store Launch

The Meta Masters Guild NFT store is due to launch on Friday, 17th February

A limited supply of Rare, Gold, and Platinum Meta Kart Racers NFTs will be rolled out over the next few weeks. 

NFTs can be purchased directly from the official memag.io website. 

Low Costs, Uncompromising Quality and Boundless Ambition

Meta Masters Guild is focused on developing a platform for mobile play-to-earn games, resulting in significantly lower production costs compared to console game publishers. 

Players will access the ecosystem using the $MEMAG token, and rewards will be paid out in the same currency. Additionally, users will be able to stake their tokens to earn yield and trade them.

The project has a hard cap raise target of $4.97 million, which is now less than $500,000 away from completion.

The team believes this is more than enough to execute on the roadmap. 

The play-to-earn gaming space has shown immense potential, as seen by the skyrocketing value of the AXS token of Axie Infinity, which increased by 1,000x at one point. 

This indicates a multi-billion dollar revenue opportunity.

Considering the widespread appeal of the gaming industry and the fact that Meta Masters Guild has already made significant progress in developing its Meta Kart game, the project is poised to attract investors looking for attractive opportunities.

Connect your crypto wallet and buy $MEMAG

The Meta Masters Guild presale is open to all members of the public globally. 

Connect a crypto wallet – Metamask or Trust Wallet are recommended – at the Meta Masters Guild website and buy $MEMAG with either ETH or USDT.

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