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Meta Masters Guild’s Expansive Gaming Ecosystem is Just What Web3 Needs

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of editorial content.

While there are several Web3 gaming experiences available in the crypto market, only a few provide a comprehensive and fully-realized experience. The ability to deliver a complete and satisfying platform is crucial in attracting and retaining users.

Meta Masters Guild is an exceptional project that has successfully integrated the best features of previous projects while also introducing new ideas and technological advancements. The project has recently unveiled its staking facility and has also revealed that its first game is slated for release.

Meta Masters Guild is the Web3 Gaming Platform of the Future

Meta Masters Guild is a guild that operates on the Web3 platform and focuses on mobile gaming. It serves as a central hub where users can congregate to participate in a range of games and benefit from the rewards provided by the ecosystem.

The guild offers various features, such as the ability to earn gems by playing games, which can be exchanged for MEMAG tokens, and the option to purchase or win NFTs from a store. Users can also stake tokens and NFTs to generate yields, and exchange MEMAG tokens for other cryptocurrencies such as ETH and USDT. Additionally, collectors can use NFTs to build their collections and generate income.

MEMAG Token Has Immense Utility

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The foundation of the Meta Masters Guild system is the MEMAG token, which incentivizes players to participate in the platform. By playing games, users receive Gems that can be converted into MEMAG tokens, which can be withdrawn as cash or reinvested back into the platform. This system promotes fairness and encourages users to invest more time and resources into the ecosystem.

Moreover, players have the option to purchase premium NFTs from the Meta Masters Guild store, which they can store in their wallets and utilize in-game. These NFTs have superior statistics and offer players a better chance of success, leading to higher gem earnings.

Meta Masters Guild’s team is actively seeking collaborations with developers to create high-quality games and establish partnerships, with a focus on rewarding skilled players by providing better incentives to top performers and cultivating an eSports community. The project is also committed to supporting eSports teams and content creators by sponsoring any official eSports team and content creators who are interested in playing the games developed by the guild. This sponsorship will promote the games and grant access to premium in-game items, showcasing the full range of possibilities.

MEMAG Staking Has Been Very Popular

Since the conclusion of its presale, Meta Masters Guild has achieved significant progress, setting the stage for rapid growth in 2023. The introduction of these fundamental features is adding value to its token and ecosystem.

On March 15, the project launched its staking facility, providing stakers with a choice of 3 pools with lockup periods of 7, 30, and 90 days. This facility will continue until the end of April, with over 50.7 million MEMAG tokens worth approximately $450,000 staked so far.

In addition, the NFT store is now live, offering a limited supply of NFTs that can be used in games. The store will be upgraded in April to improve the user experience and provide more NFT rarity classes.

Many Game Launches Ahead

The success of Meta Masters Guild relies heavily on the availability of games, and progress in that aspect has been promising. According to the team, their first game, Meta Karts Racers, is set to release a playable lite version in June or July, with the community invited to provide feedback for implementation into the game. Developed by Gamearound, a UK-based company, the racing game is currently in its second of five planned development sprints and is designed for mobile devices. In this PvP game, participants engage in the Meta Kart Championship while evading the sinister Meta overlords, with successful players earning gems that can be exchanged for MEMAG tokens.

Meta Masters Guild is also working on the development of Meta Masters World, a metaverse that offers a vast open-world experience for players to explore. The metaverse promises to provide a variety of game mechanics with a focus on exploration. According to Meta Masters Guild, players will have complete autonomy in the gaming world, with the ability to engage in activities such as resource gathering, competition participation, and exploration. However, it should be noted that this concept is still in the early stages of development.

Lastly, there’s Raid NFT – a fighting game in which players can choose from various warrior classes and engage in turn-based combat against others in challenging environments. By defeating opponents and completing challenges, players can earn gems. Furthermore, Raid NFT offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, appealing to enthusiasts of both game types. However, it should be emphasized that Raid NFT is still in the developmental design phase.

Visit Meta Masters Guild Now

Meta Masters Guild is a platform with a unique character that has the potential to transform the P2E and Web3 sector. The development pipeline of several high-quality games confirms its potential. With a lot of exciting developments in store for 2023, it is worth exploring the ecosystem to see what it has to offer.

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Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.