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Meta Masters Guild Blasts Past $2.1 Million Raised in Presale – Just 5 Days Remain in Stage 4

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Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is an innovative Web3 gaming guild and ecosystem that uses blockchain and Web3 tech to offer players an engaging experience. The game’s token has seen immense success in its presale so far, raising over $2.1 million in just a few weeks

MMG is a decentralized gaming platform based on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes its own MEMAG cryptocurrency. 

Gamers earn rewards such as in-game currencies and NFTs through guild activities. All games on the platform feature the $MEMAG token, which can be exchanged for the in-game rewards currency, Gems. 

The distinction between crypto and in-game currency allows MMG’s iOS and Android titles to be approved by Apple and Google app stores.

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Meta Masters Guild aims to create a unique Web3 gaming experience where players have control over their virtual assets and can earn rewards through active participation. The company prioritizes player enjoyment through meaningful rewards, and supports top-level competition through esports teams and content creators. 

Community giveaways and events that reward skill and commitment are also part of MMG’s offerings, as well as tournaments, leagues, leaderboards, and other competitions with redeemable real-world prizes.

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How MMG Brings Value to the Web3 Gaming Space

Large corporations currently control the gaming industry, limiting opportunities for independent developers and players to benefit from their efforts. 

The prevalent revenue model heavily relies on grinding and microtransactions, leaving gamers with little influence in the direction and development of the games they play.

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MMG aims to disrupt the current gaming industry by providing a decentralized platform that rewards players and supports smaller studios. 

Players will have greater control over their virtual assets and receive the full benefits of gaming without limitations imposed by big corporations. The objective is to create a more inclusive and engaging gaming environment where everyone can thrive.

With $2.1 Million raised already in the presale, there is clearly significant interest in what Meta Masters Guild is offering.

Meta Masters Guild Web3 Gaming Philosophy

Meta Masters Guild has established four core principles that guide their ecosystem: Fun First, Ownership, Communities Make Games, and Play and Earn.

Fun First: Ensuring a fun and engaging gaming experience is a top priority at MMG. They aim to integrate blockchain, tokenization, and earning mechanics into their games without sacrificing player enjoyment. Sustainability is also emphasized, with a focus on maintaining a steady player base with enjoyable content.

True Ownership: All in-game assets in the MMG ecosystem are verified and tradable on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing for a decentralized system and increased incentives for buying these assets. Players can truly own and keep their assets forever.

Communities Make Games: The MMG community plays a crucial role in the development of their games. They are committed to involving players in the decision-making process and gathering feedback to continually improve their titles, while also encouraging other developers to do so. Through events, competitions, and giveaways, they will reward loyalty and skill from their members.

Play and Earn: Unlike play-to-earn (P2E) games, MMG believes in play and earn (P&E). Players can earn money while playing their games, but the emphasis is on gameplay enjoyment first. The focus on earning money and speculation has caused many P2E games to decline in popularity and value.

Meta Kart Racers Brings the Thrill of Earning with Racing, Plus More Games in Development

Meta Kart offers both free play and earn-as-you-play options.

In play-to-earn mode, players can earn Gems from in-game activity and win exclusive NFTs.

Getting started with Meta Kart Racers is easy: select a driver and kart, then race on one of many tracks. Play solo in arcade mode or compete with others in PVP.

Use Gems or $MEMAG tokens to buy and upgrade drivers and karts from the Meta Masters Guild Store.

You can also earn NFTs in arcade mode. These in-game characters, once purchased, are 3D and can be used in play.

Meta Masters Guild has partners including RWaltz, a blockchain development firm that works with Probit exchange, 100XCoin, and BTC Bizarre.

Two additional games are in the development stages at Meta Masters Guild. 

The first, Meta Masters World, is a mobile game developed by Gamearound that involves building, exploring, and conquering. 

The development of Raid NFT will commence soon.

How to Buy MEMAG?

The Meta Masters Guild presale is open to everyone worldwide and can be accessed through the Meta Masters Guild website.

Simply connect a supported crypto wallet such as Metamask or Trust Wallet and purchase $MEMAG using ETH or USDT.

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