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Meme Coin Prices Crash, but This Lesser Known AI Crypto AiDoge Is Hitting New Highs – 100x Potential in 2023?

Jimmy Aki
Last updated: | 1 min read

A widespread selloff in digital assets saw meme coins, the most speculative crypto genre, record a significant downtrend as bearish market sentiments and risk-averse attitudes pushed investors away from trading.

Already, $DOGE and $SHIB have been amongst the biggest losers in the meme market since the start of 2023. 

This has closely been followed by new meme market newcomers, $PEPE and $SPONGE, with a decline of 60.86% and 73.70%, respectively.

Although the meme coins are falling below key support thresholds, an emerging token, $AI, offers early traders astounding commercial ventures and solution-driven utility to propel its longevity and market price stability. 

Now on presale, $AI has raised a mind-blowing $6.5 million from early investors keen to reap great rewards as the next biggest meme king soars in price value. 

AiDoge ($AI) – A New Reign of Meme Coins

AiDoge is a new player in the cryptocurrency meme genre market. 

Its sophisticated meme generator technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) could cause a total price rebound of fellow meme sensations.

The AI-powered platform enables members to leverage its meme generator to create high-quality memes capable of going viral in the media and internet world. 

The ecosystem features a text prompt where users can enter detailed descriptions of their creative concepts, and the generator automatically creates desired memes in seconds. 

$PEPE, $SPONGE, $WOJAK, $BEN, and $NOMEME, their lack of intrinsic utility has triggered steep bearish falls. 

These tokens’ decline has propelled colossal losses for whale investors as they seek value-driven alternatives. 

AiDoge’s native token, $AI, comes into the block as a distinctive leader with no opposition as its ecosystem powered by AI technology intends to appeal to diverse industries, propelling enormous growth of its price value.

Great Rewards for the Best Creators

The growth of the social media and internet sphere has created a suffusing reliance on these outlets for interaction and productivity, which have now cut across crypto market communities. 

AiDoge ecosystem aims to be the first meme generator that incorporates blockchain technology. 

The platform will enable social media content creators and crypto enthusiasts to mint engaging memes relevant to their target audiences. 

The meme sensation project embeds healthy competitiveness as it enables members to mint memes that are voted on by other members. 

The creators with the highest votes become the leader of the best meme in the community. The chosen meme will be uploaded on the front page of the AiDoge website. 

Apart from publicity, members are rewarded with $AI tokens for their creativity. 

$AI: Meme Coin With Utility

As aforementioned, the meme market is currently on the decline due to the frequent downtrend of asset prices caused by little or no utility. 

The price history of $DOGE, $SHIB, and newcomers like $BEN and $NOMEME are testaments. 

Nevertheless, $AI emerges as a lesser-known meme coin that embeds valuable functions within the AiDoge platform, which is touted to grow exponentially. 

$AI can be used to purchase credits to mint memes via the AI-powered meme generator, incentivize community powers, and stake for passive commercial ventures. 

As the buzz surrounding $AI soars, investors have garnered interest as they move quickly to purchase the next biggest meme token before it lists on public exchanges and soars in price.

As the meme sensation hits new milestones, as detailed on its roadmap in the soon-coming quarters three and four of 2023, upside gains of over 100x are very much in the light. 

This will be fuelled by an anticipated crypto market bully rally appetite set to take effect.

$AI Presale Hits $6.5 Million – Buy Today and Earn Lucrative Profit on Listing

At press time, the $AI token trades at $0.0000296 per token, with a new milestone of $6.5 million raised from early investors in just weeks since debut. 

The incredible traction indicates investors’ popularity and utility trust in the meme coin even without its public market presence.

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