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Meet MEME TAO, the DeFi Investment Platform for the Rest of Us

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Only the most starry-eyed crypto enthusiast could look at the industry’s present condition and see anything other than instability. Coming off of a year filled with crypto controversy—including the FTX collapse, the crash of the Terra and Luna currencies, and the failure of Three Arrows Capital—most crypto investors are already making caution the keyword of the new year.

However, a careful analysis of the industry reveals that one sector managed to escape the 2022 crypto winter mostly unharmed—memecoins. Believe it or not, these once-mocked assets were among the few in the industry to continue performing well relative to their peers in 2022. And the reason for that is simple. It’s that memecoins are community-driven, making them less vulnerable to conventional market forces.

That makes memecoins one of the most attractive investment vehicles in crypto right now. And, not coincidentally, there’s a brand-new memecoin investment ecosystem ready to help newcomers build and support thriving memecoin portfolios. It’s called MEME TAO, and it’s a DAO-backed DeFi collection platform built to educate, entertain, and win profits for serious users who like to invest in interesting and successful projects, but aren’t, and don’t have to be, trading experts.

Secure Leadership

MEME TAO is carefully crafted for anyone curious to monitor their crypto investments, without having to worry about rug pulls, pump and dump schemes, or the next best thing. The platform offers pre-designed investment categories that each come with a separate level of assessed risk. That way, newcomers can build a unique memecoin collection while knowing what kind of portfolio they’re building before they invest, and how it will hold its value, or grow over time.

The MEME TAO platform has a few key innovations to make note of. First, it makes use of its DAO functionality to elect DeFi investment veterans (“Daoshi”) to manage each investment style. In other words, experienced investors can use their trading history—and its success or failure—as a resume to demonstrate their bona fides and ask for the community’s endorsement, as one of the Daoshi.

Once elected, each takes on the title of Daoshi and has the assignment and honor of establishing the decision-making for their chosen investment style, on behalf of the decentralized community of their peers. This will lead to investments that are well secured and managed, from within a peer-to-peer, decentralized community. 

One level deeper, this platform will serve all of its constituents. First, the MEME TAO team will have 12 Daoshis (think of them as something like portfolio managers), with three in each of the four investment styles (detailed below). These Daoshis will trade and bring back profits to the MEME TAO treasury. Next, investors who buy the native token MTAO can stake it on the staking platform (also detailed below), earning rewards distributed in ETH from the profits made by Daoshis who trade other tokens. 

Long story short, the token holders and stakers never need to decide about how the Daoshis trade. They will be able to make decisions as to who should represent them as a Daoshi, but beyond that, they will just share in the profit. An analytics dashboard will allow any user to monitor Daoshi performance and treasury changes in real time.

Four Investment Styles

The MEME TAO platform has four distinct investment styles, as well as asset class guidelines to go with each. The first style, called Degenerators, makes up 20% of the assets under management on the platform. It’s the most aggressive investment style available, and aims to invest in short-term plays with high upside.

The second investment style, called Blue Paws, includes blue-chip investments chosen for their stability and long-term performance. Accounting for 30% of the platform’s managed assets, Blue Paws are a collection of assets like DOGE, Shiba, and even Ethereum. Importantly, the Blue Paws investment style has no requirement that its underlying assets be exclusively memecoins. That way, they can build some diversification into their portfolios as a hedge against their more risky and volatile assets.

The third investment style is laser-focused on the most promising new projects the memecoin space has to offer. Accounting for a further 30% of the platform’s assets, the Pink Paws investment style includes small-cap tokens, giving portfolio managers ground-floor opportunities in tokens identified by an experienced and qualified Daoshi. It’s an excellent way to capitalize on the knowledge of people in a position to know about up-and-coming projects.

Last but not least, the platform uses MEME Liquidity Pools as its final investment style. It’s a low-risk investment system offering steady returns on investment in exchange for providing liquidity.

Interested users can already purchase the platform’s native token, $MTAO on Uniswap. And they can fund stakes via the platform’s already-running staking dashboard.

It’s a tie-up that should help bolster the fortunes of both projects and support new projects to fuel MEME TAO’s Pink Paws investment style. In other words, this is a forward-thinking partnership that should bode well for users of both platforms and the memecoin sector as a whole. It’s also a sign that MEME TAO is not only interested in capitalizing on the hard work of memecoin creators, but also in becoming a leading voice and innovator in the memecoin space in its own right.

The takeaway here is clear, however. It’s that MEME TAO has quite a bit to offer investors who wish to get started with memecoins, but may never have wanted to enter “risky” waters, or might never have been able to evaluate the market in diverse ways. With the MEME TAO’s staking system already up and running, nothing is stopping such investors from checking out the platform and getting their feet wet. Then, once the platform’s Daoshi start turning the platform’s investment styles into active investment pools, the sky’s the limit. So, crypto fans should keep their eyes and ears open to learn what’s next from MEME TAO—because it’s a project with a clear vision and a real shot at bringing some new investor blood into the already-stable, and increasingly-hot memecoin market.