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Meet Kishu Meme Coin — The Fastest Growing Meme Coin

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The world of cryptocurrency is as uncertain as it is exciting. To add to the thrill of the market Dogecoin was launched in 2013. It is a meme coin that was created as a joke payment system. It was a sarcastic homage to the real cryptocurrency bitcoin but actually scaled up in market valuation within a few months of its launch. Kishu, the short form of Kishu Inu is a meme coin that is storming the CoinMarketCap within weeks of its launch.

Just like every meme coin has a funny brand image, Kishu too was launched with the image of Kishu Inu, the dog breed. The dog is in fact the lucky mascot of the Dogecoin. Kishu Inu or Kishu was launched in April 2021 and has already soared up by almost 30%. A single Kishu coin is now worth $0.0000000112. that may not be a huge amount but the growth is amazing when compared to other Dogecoins like DogeElon, Shiba, and Akita that dropped considerably during the market crash. Kishu sustained the market setback and is continuing its growth.

Kishu is undoubtedly the fastest growing meme coin in the market now. it has surpassed $1 Billion in market cap and that too in less than 3 weeks. Based on this rate of growth Kishu will soon beat the notability and status of other Dogecoins in the market. Within a week of its launch, Kishu managed to shine on one of the largest and most notable billboards in Times Square between LinkNYC, The Digital Crown, and 1 Times Square where the ball drops every New Year.

Tyler Cameron, an American television personality of The Bachelorette fame has also invested in the Kishu meme coin. He was overwhelmed by the 28.27% growth of Kishu after 24 hours of its launch. Kishu’s insane growth has wowed many crypto enthusiasts and some of them are confident that it is going to be the next big meme coin in the market.

Kishu Inu was launched with a vision to revolutionize the cryptocurrency market and to become the first Dogecoin with real value. Kishu aims to provide a secured future to crypto investors and grow up to be more than just a dog meme coin. It is not listed in the main exchanges like Coinbase and Binance but operates through its own platform. Kishu is available on CoinTiger, OKEx, and Bitru for interested investors.

After the recent drop in the Bitcoin value, more and more investors are seeking a better alternative. During that period several coins were launched in the market to carry forward the trail of success of Dogecoin and now Kishu. Kishu received a strong boost after Coinbase decided to add Dogecoins on their trading platform.

Currently, Kishu Inu is riding the success that has been created by the hype of Dogecoins. It is a community-owned project and has no token allotted to its team. Every $KISHU token comes with an in-built redistribution mechanism wherein all existing token holders get 2% of every transaction as a reward to the Kishu community.

Considering the volatility of the cryptocurrency market no investor can be certain about their decision. The crypto space has several over-hyped coins that resulted in disaster for the investors when the bubble burst. In such a topsy-turvy situation also, Kishu managed to maintain its worth with an upward curve in the market. Going forward Kishu will launch more exciting features to bring lucrative opportunities to the investors.