18 Nov 2021 · 3 min read

Meet Ertha, Defi’s First Metaverse That Lets You Own NFT Land

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

The last few years in crypto have seen a lot of progress, from massive price rallies to historical events, major surges in adoption, and rapid growth of extremely popular trends. Last year, for example, the DeFi sector thrived despite the COVID-19 pandemic, or maybe even because of it.

In 2021, on the other hand, the NFT sector exploded, bringing in artists, celebrities, funds, major companies, buyers, sellers, traders, and everyone else who recognized their importance and benefits.

Now, metaverses seem to be the next big thing, and they are growing so rapidly that even Facebook got in on the action, re-branding into Meta in the final days of October 2021. It seems clear that metaverses will be the next big trend of the crypto industry, and likely the topic that will dominate the most crypto-related headlines in 2022.

With that in mind, getting early into metaverse projects could be highly beneficial, and the project called Ertha emerged recently as just the right opportunity for those seeking to start riding the next trend early on.

What is Ertha?

Ertha is a new and unique BSC-based project that has created a metaverse consisting of digital plots of land, each of which corresponds to a single NFT. However, the project also has elements of DeFi, allowing users to profit by owning land, receive governance rights from owning tokens, and bringing many more benefits that the project and its tokens are offering.

But, more than anything, Ertha comes as a new type of NFT and DeFi-based game, with the economic, social, and MMO elements inspired by a gaming hit called Heroes of Might and Magic. The game is strongly based on exploring and investigating the world, progressing and leveling up, choosing specializations, increasing the strength of your company and country, and more.

Ertha’s metaverse offers a world that consists of 350,000 hexagonal land plots, each of which is associated with a unique NFT. So, by purchasing the NFT, you become the sole owner of your plot of land, which lets you choose where you wish to live, learn, and earn.

The project offers two types of token — Ertha Land NFTs, and ERT tokens. ERT token serves as the project’s native cryptocurrency, and the project is just about to sell it in a public offering. So far, Ertha, held a seed round, offering 5% of the total supply of 2 billion. Following that, it started a Private Round A (10%) and a Private Round B (10%). Now, the project is preparing to offer its tokens to the community in a public round that will only feature 2% of the total supply, although that is still 40 million tokens.

After that, 39% will be used for P2E and staking, 25% for development purposes, and 9% will go to the project’s team and advisors.

Ertha benefits

Ertha offers a number of benefits, which means that it pays for the community to own its NFT tokens, and with them — land that the project’s metaverse features. For example, Ertha is created to inspire economic and social growth, while simultaneously allowing players to investigate its new world, level up, engage in the market, and more. Not to mention that it has its own politics, and owning land allows users to gather up political influence and get the ability to manage the territories they control by using the DeFi instruments.

Other benefits, as listed by the project, include engagement in territorial disputes and international conflicts, which can boost the value of NFTs, as well as the fact that the Ertha digital metaverse will boom naturally as the NFT market continues to grow.

As mentioned, Ertha map is divided by NFT hexagons called HEXs, each of which is tied to a quite valuable NFT. Players are free to choose where they wish to live, and in addition to that, there are dozens of companies and players that are paying taxes in ERT tokens.

Hexes are highly valuable, but they come in limited supply, so getting a hold of them could bring even more benefits. Not to mention that players will get a unique opportunity to reshape borders of entire countries, take control of scarce resources, and more.

The project is, clearly, quite unique, and as such, it has great potential to explode in 2022 and potentially become the leader in this new sector that it is helping create.