23 Dec 2021 · 3 min read

Meet Elvantis – Art Beyond Limitations

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists.

Pop culture was the inspiration for the creation of collections that became icons of NFTs success. Lately, they are gaining prominence in the Blockchain and Web 3.0 scenarios, and art has a very important role in it because it was the digitalized artworks that attracted the interest of the investors at first. 

You can find all of it on a platform, that has also its own metaverse, inspired by aliens, outer space, and metaphysics, and NFTs with an incomparable design that makes them true masterpieces.

What is Elvantis

Elvantis is a cross-chain gamified platform where you can purchase NFTs to earn rewards. It will count on bridges between BSC, ETH, and MATIC, and will have its own exchange. The project has a huge structure, with groups for several different languages ​​and a huge number of Administrators, Moderators, and very active members.  

The Elvantis NFTs are exclusive and collectibles. They were created on limited edition and on-demand. Such pieces of art can be worth a lot of money currently. If an investor manages to collect all the NFTs of a collection then they can become priceless. 

Ultra Glow Collection 

With that in mind, the team prepared an exclusive collection for the launch. It counts on stunning NFTs that will only be sold on the presale. And the design isn’t all that the collection has: An engaging story was presented as the background for their creation. 

It will be the rarest collection, and those who managed to acquire items from it can win big. That's because they will provide the best rewards on the platform. After the presale, they will not be minted, sold, or gifted by the Elvantis team.

Enjoying Elvantis 

The ELV token is used to buy chests and exploration with the Treasure Map. Inside the chests, users can find parts that can be used to equip their character. There is an inventory where NFT cards can be stored, but they can also be used for farming, and to fill a Sticker Album that rewards players for complete sections.

In addition, users will be able to trade their findings on a Marketplace. At last but not least are the Land resource. Players can acquire and exploit territories, which will have importance on the in-game battles, and provide income in many different ways. 

Set of Security Tools

There is an ongoing audit from Certik, that will be delivered before the public sale. Elvantis will also count on Skynet and Certik Security Oracle services. Elvantis will also have the Chainlink service, which guarantees the integrity of the random distribution of cards in the Chests. 

With this, users are sure that no one will manipulate their purchases. This set of products from trusted companies is enough to give a lot of credibility to the project, and much more will come. Elvantis will have all that it takes for it to be the most reliable NFT gamified platform on BSC. 

Moving Fast

That are already announced listings at Exchanges, which is great for the community and creates even more opportunities for those who want to join. The token has a very aggressive burning system: 60% of all tokens spent on chest purchases are burned. 

It ensures that the ELV will be deflationary and sparse. The public sale has not started yet. The project is still in the early stages of development, that’s why it is a great opportunity. Those who dare to be pioneers in Elvantis will be rewarded!

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It is still possible to buy Elvantis NFTs and Lands on presales and enjoy the growth of it with the better entrance point possible. The Lands are an excellent opportunity for investors who enjoy passive income.

By playing and collecting these amazing NFTs, you will have fun and the chance to make a tremendous profit. Visit our platform right now and see for yourself that Elvantis has what it takes to be one of the greatest projects on BSC!