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Meet Eafi : The New Utility NFT You Should Check Out

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We are proud to present Easy Finance NFT, a private investment club of only 5,500 seats with a vision of adding value over the long term. The turnkey solution combining market information, trading alerts, investment opportunities as well as a dividend that grows over time.

This project was born from the love shared by 3 enthusiasts / investors as well as their friends for the cryptocurrency sector and more particularly that of NFTs. We are all based in Switzerland and we see each other very regularly to share and develop this project which is important to us.

Our mission is simple, we want to give as much added value as possible to our private club represented by our NFT and to redefine the standards of this model which is no longer on the agenda.

Why become a member of the EAFI community?

Imagine paying a single, unique membership valid as long as you own the NFT allowing you to receive a quarterly income in the form of a dividend as well as multiple investment opportunities and premium news. 

Today, the NFT market is saturated and filled with projects that bring no added value and that are not created to be viable in the long term. Many projects focus exclusively on art and are just spin-offs from premium projects. At EAFI, we take the opposite path, a uniquely designed NFT with exponential utility.

The community wallet will be based of 400 ETH equivalent to 75% of the initial sale distributed as follows: 150 ETH in Blue chip NFTs. 150 ETH in arbitrage, 50 ETH in DEFI as well as 50 ETH reserved for ICOs.

EAFI members will receive their dividend every 90 days on the Matic network under the form of WETH. To be eligible for those they will need to stake their NFT/s on the Ethereum blockchain. A snapshot will be taken 45 days before the distribution date and only addresses still locked by the time of the payout will receive their dividend.

These dividends will be generated by our arbitrage program as well as our various staking solutions in decentralized finance on the Ethereum network. In addition, we will take part in various promising ICOs as well as in so-called Blue Chip communities in the NFTs sector such as BAYC, Hashmask and many more. It is also planned to invest in a sustained manner in NFTs generating constant passive income in order to diversify the community’s sources of income.

A channel reserved exclusively for our members with important information and weekly analysis of the crypto market as well as swing trade opportunities will be published in our discord. We also share with our verified members analysis on crypto and various promising blockchain related projects, which could turn out to be juicy investments in the future.

To thank the community for their support, we plan to redistribute up to 20% of the proceeds from the sale directly to the community through a referral program. Only members of the community can benefit from this commission. To mint you will need to refer either the address of an already member or the dev wallet. After minting you will have your own referral link so that you can share it to your friends who you think our offer meets their needs.

Mint is open, you can go and get referred on the project’s website to purchase your membership NFTs.

We look forward to seeing you soon among our members and to develop Easy Finance “EAFI NFT solution” for you.

For more information on this project, please visit www.eafi.io or you can join the community by following us in twitter and join our Discord server:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EafiNFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/mEj6FP8BP8