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Massa Ecosystem Dashboard – Massa Quests Crossed 40k Active Users

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It has been a long journey for the Massa project to get where they are today. Ever since the start of Testnet Program in July 2021, the Massa team has been openly sharing everything they have been working on to keep the community and market updated. Today, it can finally be said that Massa is one step from launching their novel Layer 1 and the community reaction to the announcement has been nothing short of amazing.

A Warm Welcome

After two years of doubling down on building the Massa Ecosystem during the Testnet phase, the team is now gearing up for the Mainnet launch that is said to take place within the next few weeks. The official launch is set for October this year, so we can expect the team to publish the exact date of the launch very soon. However, the long-awaited release is only a small part of what Massa announced recently.

Two weeks ago the team notified their community via official social media channels about the entire set of quests and incentives prepared by the team. Massa Ecosystem Dashboard is the gateway allowing anyone to explore the ecosystem of a revolutionary Layer 1 project. 

There was no need to announce the Massa Builder Quests twice as thousands of people eagerly joined the journey, and the numbers still continue to rise.

In just 10 days, over 40,000 users signed up to embark on the adventure of Massa quests. Throughout this thrilling journey, participants will not only tackle and solve the quests prepared by Massa team on a weekly basis, but also have the chance to qualify for special airdrops designed for the community and earn the rewards along the way.

It seems Massa knows that there’s nothing better than a reward for successful exploration.

How to Join Massa Builder Quests?

The onboarding process to join Massa Quests is incredibly easy and takes just a few steps. All you have to do is visit dashboard.massa.net and register by connecting your Discord account. After this you will become a part of the Massa community and will be able to explore the ecosystem earning rewards along the way.

If you’re interested, you can join Massa Quests by following this link – https://dashboard.massa.net/


Massa is a high-performance blockchain designed to be truly decentralized from the very beginning. Massa testnet was released in July 2021, offering an easy way for anyone to test our protocol, and it has been continually improving ever since.

Official Links:

Linktree: https://link3.to/massa 
Dashboard: https://dashboard.massa.net/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MassaLabs