Market Eyes Major Comeback as Money Pours Into $BTC, $ETH and $GFOX

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The general market capitalization is increasing, with top cryptocurrencies like $BTC and $ETH gaining more liquidity. Market indicators suggest that a major comeback is imminent, and many cryptocurrencies are billed to experience a sustained rally during this period. Galaxy Fox‘s retail phase may also coincide with this favorable market time, increasing the meme coin’s chances of an excellent post-presale rally. We consider how these cryptocurrencies will fare in the improved market amidst different predictions from market observers.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): Proactive Investors Poised For Early Retail Phase Returns

$GFOX is headed for its launch on UniSwap and other major retail exchanges. The meme coin’s ICO  has so far yielded about $3 million, with three more stages still to go. At the current rate, Galaxy Fox will breeze through the remaining presale stage faster than others. Its increasing prominence and enthusiasts’ realization of its potential contribute to this swiftness. There’s a FOMO around the meme coin, and every delay improves potential investors’ chances of missing out.

Market observers believe $GFOX will have a steady start to the retail phase as it tries to gain its feet. Afterward, holders can expect an unprecedented surge. The meme coin has features that’ll help it keep its momentum and remain relevant. One of them is its deflationary nature, which will make demand higher than supply, consequently improving $GFOX’s value.

Going by the market outlook, $GFOX will enter the market during a bull run. It is the best time for market entry, and the meme coin’s profitability will be heightened during this period. Early investors may realize $GFOX’s true profit potential at this point. $GFOX aims to be a meme coin like no other, and its features and utility position it for this. It will bring the meme glory back by yielding excellent returns for adopters.

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How’s $BTC Fairing After Exchange-Traded Fund Approval? 

Observers expected $BTC to perform much better with its Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) approval. However, that remains a myth, as the reality is far from that. The top cryptocurrency reached $48k. peak before the approval, but $BTC is now below $40k. While $BTC ETF approval has nothing to do with this decline, it hasn’t contributed anything to the surge either, contrary to some analysts’ expectations.

$BTC is nearing its current support at $39,155.97. If the top cryptocurrency declines to this point, a further downtrend may occur, causing it to settle at $38k. However, $BTC is resisting a further decline. It is sharply retesting $40K, the nearest resistance, hoping to return to the price zone and prepare for an uptrend rally as the market improves. $BTC is tipped to cross the $50k Rubicon this year, and it may achieve that towards the end of the year.

Ethereum (ETH) to Embark on a Run to  $3000

$ETH came close to reaching $3000 a few weeks back but couldn’t rise beyond $2,710.42. Since then, the high-ranking Altcoin has massively dumped to the $2,200+ price. However, $ETH doesn’t plan to stay there for much longer. The cryptocurrency will restart its rally towards $3000 with the imminent market comeback.

Ethereum (ETH) is consolidating its price around the $2,200 zone but hopes to retest $2,313.96 resistance soon. Breaking out of this price point will trigger a new surge towards $3000. $ETH has the momentum, clout, community, prominence, and usage that can spur its rally. Hence, the top crypto may set a new year-high around $3000+.

Some part of the crypto market hopes for Ethereum’s Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) approval after Bitcoin’s. However, they’ve realized that the effect may take a while or be nonexistent in the market. This is seen in $BTC, and there’s no guarantee or logical explanation that $ETH’s will be any different.


Smart investors are well-prepared for the market comeback. They’ve identified cryptocurrencies with great potential beyond this unfavorable condition and are poised to commit. $BTC leads the way among the crypto coins, expecting a better performance alongside $ETC and $GFOX. The latter is a prospective top meme coin, and investors will be delighted to join the presale.

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