18 Feb 2022 · 3 min read

Margex Lists Cardano - Vote for their Next Listing

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Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform Margex has just expanded their crypto offering by adding Cardano (ADA) to the fold. As a platform with extremely low fees, no KYC or restrictive account tiers, and anti-manipulation software for your security and peace of mind, this makes it one of the best places to trade Cardano-based derivatives. Additionally, the platform is doing regular polls on which assets users want to see listed next, so make sure you vote for your favorite so you can have all the assets you need available for trading in one place! 

Cardano (ADA): Why You Should Trade It 

If you haven’t heard about ADA, the native token of the Cardano network before, or simply don’t know enough about it to decide whether it’s worth the plunge or not, we’re here to give you the short and sweet on it. Cardano is a well-established, experienced player in the blockchain space: started in 2015, it is a proof-of-stake, third-generation blockchain platform that was established upon peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. 

If you’ve taken a look at ADA price charts recently, you may have noticed it is much cheaper than many other established cryptocurrencies. In 2022 (as of mid-February), it has been trading between USD 1 and USD 1.5, approximately. This low price is actually one of its biggest advantages: the price presents no entry barrier, as is the case with many other projects, making it truly democratized and almost universally available. This gives it incredible reach in terms of use case: with its ease of access and intuitive design, it’s a godsend for many different businesses and user types.  

When it comes to derivatives trading, these factors may seem secondary—but they’re extremely important for price movements and predicting potential swings, which can ultimately decide the fate of your futures contract, for example. This is why recognizing patterns in the price movements that ADA has had in the past can help you decide whether to long or short your position. Of course, this takes some technical analysis, which is not necessarily the simplest approach. Luckily, Margex has a very detailed platform that is still user-friendly, with everything you need to know about your asset of choice and its price history readily available. In other words, you can do everything, from your most basic analysis to the most complex trades, in one place. 

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What’s Next on Margex? 

Another significant advantage of using this trading platform is the fact that when it comes to listing new assets, there’s very little guesswork involved: you can vote on what you want to see there next, and the asset that receives the most number of votes will be listed. These polls are available on their Twitter account, where you can choose your favorite, but also wait for new polls and see what they’re considering adding next. Plus, Margex’s Twitter feed is a great place to stay abreast when it comes to news and important announcements related to the platform, so you’re never missing out on what’s going on. Just recently, Twitter users decided that the next asset to join Margex’s offering should be Solana (SOL). Maybe your vote will decide what they go for next! 

Not completely sold? Not only does Margex offer margin trading, which can help you boost your profits if you know what you’re doing (and can afford to potentially lose as well), but it also does this with price protection technology. In other words, you won’t be punished if one of their data providers starts sending inconsistent data, and all potentially suspicious trading activity is carefully monitored as well. The usually extremely risky is thus made more secure through the platform’s due diligence.

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