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Make Big Profits with This Crypto Signals Platform – Last Chance to Join the Presale

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Dash 2 Trade has raised just over $9.6 million in its presale, which continues to attract more investors after entering its fourth and final stage. The total raised stands as a big vote of confidence from the market in the Ethereum-based trading intelligence platform, which will provide real-time analytics and social trading metrics when it launches early next year.

Stage four of the sale will end after it raises a total of $13,420,750, meaning that it’s already 73.1% of the way there. This gives participants a small window of opportunity to invest early, with Dash 2 Trade’s D2T token in line for some above-average gains once it lists on various major exchanges.

Make Big Profits with This Crypto Signals Platform – Last Chance to Join the Presale

Two things have served to accelerate the Dash 2 Trade presale in recent weeks. Firstly, its aforementioned entry into its final stage has helped it to pass new milestones more quickly, with the sale standing at $8 million as recently as December 5.

A week later, and the total now sits at $9,657,263 and counting, with $10 million likely to be passed in the next two or three days.

Secondly, the FTX collapse and the ensuing fallout has also helped the presale, largely by underlining the need for a platform such as Dash 2 Trade. Its platform is designed to provide investors with real-time signals on both the buying and selling side, helping them to stay ahead of big selloffs or surges.

As described in its whitepaper, Dash 2 Trade’s innovative dashboard will offer the following features:

  • Social sentiment metrics and on-chain analysis that help identify trending coins
  • Trading signals to indicate incoming buying and selling opportunities
  • Strategy building and social trading tools, enabling traders to replicate successful portfolios and strategies
  • Feeds of all the latest cryptocurrency, financial and economic news
  • Access to presales and alerts to new exchange listings

Due to launch in beta form in Q1 2023, Dash 2 Trade’s platform will steadily add new features over time, including trading competitions, trader AMAs, and real-time event streams. 

Such features promise to make Dash 2 Trade the one-stop shop for investors and traders looking to stay ahead of the market, regardless of their skill levels. Not only will they be able to build up their skills using the platform, but the ability to mirror the trades of successful investors also means they don’t necessarily have to devote all that much time to studying the market.

Now that Dash 2 Trade has entered the final stage of its sale, 1 D2T token can be purchased for $0.0533. 

Interested investors can do this by going to the Dash 2 Trade website and connecting their MetaMask or Wallet Connect wallets, with D2T purchasable using either ETH or USDT.

Once they have their D2T, investors will be able to do one of two things with it. Firstly, they can trade it on the exchanges supporting the coin, with Changelly Pro, LBANK Exchange, and Uniswap among the first platforms to be listing the token.

Secondly, D2T can be used to pay the Dash 2 Trade’s monthly subscription fees. While there is a free-to-use version available, the full range of features aren’t opened up unless the user subscribes to one of two tiers.

At 400 D2T per month, the Starter Tier provides access to social channels, automated trading tools, and strategy-building features. And at 1,000 D2T the Premium Tier adds on-chain data, whale wallet alerts, and professional-grade market indicators.

Given that Dash 2 Trade requires payment in D2T, this means that the altcoin has a clear use case. It also means that, should Dash 2 Trade become very popular, D2T will witness high demand, and by extension, a high price.

Lastly, Dash 2 Trade has been developed by much of the same team behind Learn2Trade, a popular forex signals provider that provides insights and intelligence from a community of 70,000 active traders. This kind of experience arguably means that Dash 2 Trade is already halfway to becoming a successful platform itself.

Post-Presale Gains

Earlier presales this year suggest that D2T could rise substantially above its offering price(s). To take three of the most notable examples, Tamadoge (TAMA) rose by as much as 1,800% in the wake of its listing on OKX in October, while Lucky Block (LBLOCK) and Battle Infinity (IBAT) witnessed increases as high as 6,000% and 3,000% compared to their initial sale prices of $0.00015.

Fans of Dash 2 Trade would argue that its fundamentals are, at the very least, as strong as those of the coins above. This would suggest that once it lists in the next few weeks, it’s going to grow quickly, and have a strong 2023.

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