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Mailfence secure and private email provider accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin

By Mailfence
Mailfence secure and private email provider accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin 101

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Mailfence offers a one-stop alternative to Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs and strives to develop the world's most private and secure email service.

Mailfence provides a pure End-to-end encrypted email solution integrated into a suite with many other services such as Mailfence Contacts, Mailfence Calendar, Mailfence Documents, Mailfence Groups, Polls,....

The Mailfence email service takes the privacy and security of its users a step further by accepting payments in Bitcoin and Litecoin, so nobody cannot link the payment back to the user. Mailfence is one of the very few email providers that accepts payments in multiple cryptocurrencies.

Mailfence believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. Privacy is not just something people enjoy. It is something that is necessary. In order to develop who, we are and to form an identity that is not dictated by social conditions that directly or indirectly influence our thinking, decisions and behavior. Privacy allows people to decide what kind of society we want to live in. Whether we like it or not, the constant collection of data about everything we do - like that done by Amazon, Google, Microsoft and a growing number of other companies - shapes and produces our actions.

We're different people when we're under surveillance than when we're enjoying a certain amount of privacy. Mailfence strongly believes that "Privacy is a right and not a feature" and donates 15% of its annual Pro subscription revenue to Electronic Frontier Foundation and the European Digital Rights Foundation to support the global fight for user privacy and online rights.

Mailfence wants everybody to experience private email and its benefits over other “free” email providers like Gmail that track everything you do, and then link your search history to your Gmail account. Mailfence offers both password-encrypted messages based on symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption based on OpenPGP. By providing these two options one can choose which encryption suits him/her the most. Do you just want to send a quick encrypted email then choose symmetric encryption; anyone can receive encrypted messages even non-Mailfence users. Do you need the best security can offer? Then use end to end encryption, however, be advised both you and the recipient must have your OpenPGP keypairs.

Even if one has not yet set up keypairs one can easily do so with the Mailfence integrated Keystore. Some of the possibilities are listed below:

• Manage expiration dates
• Revoke keypairs
• Generate revocation certificates
• Verify the authenticity of public keys

The features that Mailfence provides do not end here, Mailfence also supports standard email protocols such as IMAP, POP3 and Exchange ActiveSync so when one finally decides to switch to a proper email service one can continue using the mail client and tools one is used. Finally, Mailfence has different features in place to facilitate migrating your present mailbox to Mailfence. Learn more about the service! Visit Mailfence.com and join the fight for online privacy.

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