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The Madoff NFT: A Conscientious Look Into Our Collective Greed

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

“You are just as culpable as I am.”

That is the tagline for The Madoff NFT which sold out in under two minutes this past Thursday, February 2nd.

In light of the recent FTX collapse, taking on the challenge of humanizing one of the greatest financial crooks of all time is no small task.

But the creator, Colonel Burr, believes we have a lot more in common with the late Bernie Madoff than at first glance. 

His many years experience of daily trading the volatile crypto market led him on an emotional rollercoaster from exuberant highs to depressed lows. 

“Greed is one of humanity’s original sins. We are all greedy, some more than others,” says the NYC based artist. He believes that rampant greed is a necessary ingredient to enable someone like Bernie Madoff to conduct the biggest ponzi scene in history.

And ultimately, the sin of excessive greed is what sets people to look for a scapegoat when things don’t go their way. “It’s easy to point fingers and look for someone to blame. Madoff was targeted and transformed into some larger than life avaricious villain. His ultimate downfall was celebrated with a great deal of schadenfreude at the time.”

The artistic choice in selecting a motion gif as opposed to a still picture was meticulously executed in order to inspire life to the artwork. As he says, “Still life photos serve their purpose as a form of personal identifications. I did not want Madoff to be a symbol of personal identification such as other static PFP collections like BAYC or Cryptopunks. Madoff is meant to be the sum of our living collective emotional consciousness and I want him to serve as an existing reminder of potential collateral damages that can occur if we don’t moderate our emotions.”

As for future plans, Colonel Burr says he has a lot of material to work with in expanding and growing The Madoff NFT collection. “It is the start of a series of art that will explore the underbelly of our collective greed and understanding humanity’s propensity to deflect blame and create scapegoats.”

Until then, we will remain culpable to our own greed and avarice. Or that might be what the creator of the Madoff NFT wants you to believe!

To learn more about The Madoff NFT, you can follow the project on Twitter @TheMadoffNFT or visit the website