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Lucky Block is Probably the Top NFT Competition Ecosystem Globally Which Makes LBLOCK a Buy

Jay Leonard
Last updated: | 2 min read
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Lucky Block (

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Everyone loves a good competition and cryptocurrency project Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is perhaps the most popular NFT competition platform on the planet. The project has been massively popular with investors and users alike, even getting listed on numerous top-tier exchanges in recent months. 

What is Lucky Block?

The platform hosts a multitude of prize draws, each at a different price point, and each boasting a wide range of jackpots. Some of the most exciting Lucky Block prizes include $1 million in Bitcoin, a real-life Lamborghini, and even a luxury property valued at a huge $1 million. With even more competitions with huge new prizes already in the works, it’ll be interesting to see which jackpot gets announced next. 

Lucky Block Website
Lucky Block Website (

Each Lucky Block competition can be entered by purchasing an NFT from that takes the form of an entry ticket boasting a unique design and number. The price and the maximum number of NFT tickets is proportionate to the potential jackpot of a competition. What’s more, even after the conclusion of a specific drawing, the NFT still provides its holder with a portion of the rewards pool daily.  

Lucky Block as an Investment

Lucky Block is packed full of huge prizes, and after announcing listing after listing on some of the top centralized exchanges, a plethora of people have flocked to the platform in order to participate in its prestigious drawings.

LBLOCK V2 Daily Stats
LBLOCK V2 Daily Stats (

This has led to a surge in demand for the LBLOCK token and as the token’s scarcity is about to increase thanks to the announcement of the monthly Lucky Block burn program, things are looking rather bright for the digital asset. Starting on September 30th, 1% of the LBLOCK supply will be burned monthly. 

With the release of the V1 to V2 token bridge following soon after on October 3rd, we could see a huge run-up for LBLOCK over the coming weeks. Just over the past day, the LBLOCK V2 token has enjoyed almost a 4% increase in value as well as a huge 35% jump in 24-hour trading volume. As the launch of both the burn program and the bridge near closer, we could see even large jumps in the coming days.

With the hype surrounding Lucky Block being insurmountable and the first burn removing over 35 million tokens from circulation it could be a great time to stock up on LBLOCK. 

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