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Lucky Block Giving Away $1 Million in Bitcoin – Here’s How to Participate

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lucky block bitcoin prize
Lucky Block $1 million Bitcoin Competition (https://twitter.com/luckyblockcoin)

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It was recently revealed that Lucky Block, the only competition platform where everyone’s a winner, had launched a massive giveaway with an eye-watering $1 million jackpot. We discuss what exactly Lucky Block is and explain how to participate in the giveaway. Let’s take a look. 

What Exactly is Lucky Block?

Lucky Block is a one-of-a-kind competition platform that allows users to enter exclusive prize draws with huge prizes. Through the implementation of blockchain and NFT technology, the Lucky Block team has been able to create a transparent platform that is probably fair, a rarity in the competition sector. 

lucky block website
Lucky Block website (luckyblock.com)

In order to enter a competition, the participant must purchase a unique and specially numbered NFT from leading marketplace Launchpad.xyz. Each NFT is priced in accordance with the potential jackpot. In addition to serving as an entry ticket, each NFT also rewards the holder with a percentage of the reward pool every single day, providing investors with long-term value. 

The $1 Million Giveaway

While the Lucky Block platform boasts a multitude of exciting prize draws, perhaps the most exciting is the $1 million Bitcoin giveaway. The only entry requirement for this huge giveaway is to own one of the Lucky Block Bitcoin NFTs. Each can be purchased for just 0.264 BNB ($71.58). Further entries can be attained by purchasing more NFTs. 

Once an investor owns a Lucky Block NFT, they don’t have to complete any other actions to join the prize draw. As such, it’s possible to purchase one of these NFTs and sit back, watching the rewards roll in while waiting for the competition to be drawn. 

Each Bitcoin giveaway NFT is selling for just over $70, the potential upside to the competition is huge. With this Lucky Block giveaway yielding a truly life-changing prize for one lucky participant, it’s worth checking out the $1 million Bitcoin giveaway before all the entry ticket NFTs are sold out. 

In addition to the $1 million Bitcoin giveaway, Lucky Block is hosting a variety of other competitions as well. It’s also possible to win a luxury property, a Lamborghini, and even a 5-star holiday, providing options for just about everybody. The team is also hosting a $5,000 giveaway that’s free to enter for anyone that owns a Lucky Block NFT. Check out the project today to learn more.

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