27 Sep 2022 · 2 min read

Lucky Block Ethereum Bridge Coming on 3 October – LBLOCK Price Could Boom

lucky block bridge
Lucky Block bridge (instagram.com/luckyblockcoin)

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The world's number one NFT competition platform, Lucky Block, is heating up right now. With over $1 million in exclusive prizes just waiting to be won, the release of the LBLOCK burn program, and the V1 to V2 token bridge on the horizon, there's no better time to be a Lucky Block holder.

What is Lucky Block?

The Lucky Block platform allows users to enter competitions using entry ticket-style NFTs with a unique design and identifying number. Each NFT can be purchased from the leading marketplace Launchpad.xyz. Then, once all the NFTs linked to a specific competition have been purchased, the drawing will commence. 

lucky block website
Lucky Block homepage (luckyblock.com)

The project has already been building up significant traction through its various marketing efforts. On Saturday, September 24th, Lucky Block brand ambassador and heavyweight juggernaut Joe Joyce took home a victory against Joseph Parker, helping to get Lucky Block in front of an audience of tens of thousands. 

The LBLOCK Token Bridge

Lucky Block could experience an explosive increase in demand with the launch of the Lucky Burn program scheduled for 30 September. This will eliminate 1% of the LBLOCK supply monthly, and it will start just a few days before the V1 to V2 token bridge, which will open on 3 October.

LBLOCK token (luckyblock.com)

The highly anticipated token bridge will allow holders of the original BEP-20-based V1 LBLOCK to exchange their tokens for the new V2 ERC-20-based token. With the V2 token being listed on leading centralized exchanges like Gate.io, MEXC, and LBank, this could cause a huge increase in the token's trading volume, bringing more investors and users into the Lucky Block ecosystem. 

It's clear that the Lucky Block team has a plan for getting the LBLOCK token in front of the masses. The release of both the burn program and token bridge has been timed perfectly in order to have the greatest effect on the value of LBLOCK. 

With the token likely to experience a drastic surge in demand alongside a decrease in supply, it seems likely that the price of LBLOCK can only be pushed one way. As it stands, things are looking rather bright for Lucky Block, and the future will likely only brighten further as new competitions and updates are slowly released.

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