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Lucky Block Bridge Goes Live – LBLOCK Price Could Surge

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Lucky Block Bridge
Lucky Block Bridge (https://twitter.com/luckyblockcoin)

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The long-awaited Lucky Block V2 Bridge went live yesterday, providing investors a way to easily exchange their BEP-based LBLOCK V1 tokens for the new and improved ERC-based LBLOCK V2 tokens.

What is Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a competition platform that utilizes NFT technology in order to create a fair and highly efficient platform. The project hosts a plethora of competitions with huge prizes, which include $1 million in Bitcoin, a Lamborghini, and even luxury property.

lucky block website
Lucky Block website (LuckyBlock.com)

Each competition can be entered by purchasing the relevant NFT from Launchpad.xyz. Each NFT features a unique design and an individual number used to determine the winner of the jackpot. After a drawing has concluded, each NFT still provides its holder with value. Any Lucky Block NFT holders will receive a portion of the rewards pool daily, ensuring that the NFTs have value outside of just the drawing.

Lucky Block Bridge

Near the end of July, the LBLOCK token switched from Binance’s BEP standard to the more common ERC standard pioneered by Ethereum. This change allowed the LBLOCK to be listed on centralized exchanges, including MEXC, Gate.io, and LBank. However, it also resulted in two different tokens being created, each using its own architecture.

The creation of two LBLOCK tokens fragmented holders, hindering upward price action. To solve this issue, the Lucky Block team created a token bridge allowing holders to swap their BEP-based LBLOCK for the new trading-friendly variant. 

After much anticipation, the Bridge went live yesterday, October 3rd. This led many V1 investors to swap their tokens for the new V2 version, boosting the daily trading volume by around 15% for the V2 token and a staggering 350% for the V1 token.

This dramatic increase in demand could mark the start of a huge run-up for LBLOCK. With investors now contented that the Lucky Block ecosystem is consistently updating and providing the features holders want to see, it’s much more likely for whales to get involved and stock up on LBLOCK ahead of the next big announcement. 

With the increased focus on Lucky Block after the bridge, it could be the perfect time to get involved with the project. Check out Lucky Block today to see why so many investors are intrigued. 

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