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Lingo Kicks off Unique, Gamified Airdrop Season for its RWA-powered Rewards Token

Gaurav Roy
Last updated: | 3 min read
Lingo Home Page

With the crypto market enjoying an uptrend—Bitcoin hitting a new all-time high (ATH), Ether nearly reaching its peak, and meme coins starting to pump again—RWA project Lingo has begun its airdrop season to reward its strong and vibrant community.

Lingo is a gamified, RWA-powered rewarding ecosystem that generates tangible community rewards. These rewards are supported by real-world assets that ensure value generation regardless of the market conditions.

Over the past couple of years, through its continued development and efforts, Lingo has expanded its community to 362.5K followers on X and almost 173K members on Discord. So, to provide the best airdrop experience to its early believers and supporters, Lingo has launched Lingo Islands.

The LINGO Airdrop Season is Here

The LINGO Airdrop Islands went live a couple of weeks ago, and shortly after making the airdrop announcement, the project’s X account (previously Twitter) started seeing a surge of activity from community members.

“Over 2 million tweets, 150,000 participants, 40 million miles rewarded, in a handful of days, all while focusing on quality!” noted Lingo, as it reiterated its mission “to build the World’s most rewarding token.”

Lingo Islands

Lingo Islands offers a gamified experience to get access to LINGO tokens. It comprises five unique islands that allow users to earn rewards in five different ways.

The first Island is Ape Rock. To get started here, you have to connect your X account and verify your email in order to claim the boarding pass. Having a boarding pass means you can officially begin your airdrop journey. It also gets you whitelisted for the upcoming LINGO public presale.

Now that you have the right to early and guaranteed access to the upcoming presale, you need to upgrade to Business Class and get your first airdrop. This requires generating a unique link and inviting ten friends to the game. Completing this stage rewards the user with an airdrop multiplier, a special token pre-sale price, and raffles with real-world rewards.

Then comes Degen Island, where the majority of the airdrop can be claimed. Here, users can collect Lingo cards and farm air miles. Unlocking all cards at this stage can help one earn special rewards, including a share of 40% of the total airdrop pool.

Lingo Diamond Isle

To keep the excitement high, LINGO has kept Island 4, Diamond Isle, a secret, while the last one, Whale Island, unlocks special experiences such as seed rounds, access to celebrity and high-net-worth investor (HNWI) networks, and much more.

Participating in the airdrop season means you can get LINGO tokens simply by completing tasks. This gives you early access to LINGO tokens before their public launch and exchange listings that tend to send demand for the token and its prices skywards.

Exciting Times Ahead

Lingo Upcoming Presale Page

LINGO is the native token of the Lingo platform, which is disrupting the loyalty and rewards industry by leveraging the power of RWAs, blockchain tech, and crypto culture. Set to be deployed on the Solana and Base blockchains, LINGO gives users real-world rewards.

The unique project, which is targeting consumer crypto, has already partnered with Fizen to make its rewards redeemable at over 3,000 brands, such as Nike, Spotify, Starbucks, Netflix, and more across 80 countries.

Most recently, Lingo also collaborated with SweatEconomy, a project that enables users to earn crypto in exchange for being healthy and has successfully onboarding millions of mainstream users into Web3.

Lingo has also joined hands with Magic Eden to allow its users to redeem $LINGO for non-fungible tokens on this NFT marketplace. “This partnership takes our rewards ecosystem beyond Web2, introducing thousands of digital collectibles on the leading NFT trading platform,” noted the team. As part of this partnership, soon those who connect their ME wallet on Lingo Islands will receive an additional 10% $LINGO airdrop allocation.

With such moves, the RWA-powered rewards platform designed for exponential growth is building a vast, quality network that gives access to mainstream audiences and enables LINGO to onboard the next billion in Web3.

To learn more about the project, visit: