15 Jul 2021 · 1 min read

Limited Edition NFT by Glimpse You Can Get by Scanning QR Code

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Cryptonews.com.

Some of you might have noticed a 10,000 square-foot billboard in Times Square by Glimpse, just above McDonald’s–with a redeemable NFT.


Glimpse, the project behind this publicity gambit, is also giving away $1,000 worth of $GLMS and a limited edition NFT from the founding team. The giveaway was planned in collaboration with the famous POAP protocol.

For your chance to win, claim the Times Square NFT (pictured above), and enter the raffle!

But what’s Glimpse, and what are they trying to do?

Social media is built for users, and the lion's share of the profits that content generates belongs to those who made it, right? That’s unfortunately not how it works… up until now.

Glimpse is tokenized social media, where anyone can upload short videos and instantly tokenize them as an NFT! Imagine TikTok & Instagram with NFTs, where creators can easily monetize content.

Since the start of 2021, the project has grown to a team of over 20 people in a short span of time. They have also been selective while building their team , attracting top talents from Ivy League institutions, MIT, and domain experts within the crypto and DeFi space.

Founder & CEO  Theodore Kozlowski (Teddy) has been involved in the crypto space for quite some time   and has always been looking for ways to use emerging technology to create new opportunities and revenue streams that currently do not exist.

What sets Glimpse apart is that it's not just another NFT marketplace ,  but rather a social media network that uses NFT's to create digitally unique items of life's real moments or 'Glimpses'. And top stars from TikTok like Chris Barnett & Eliana Ghen are already jumping in.

Glimpse has found true believers amongst its partners and has successfully raised more than 1.3M USD in seed funding from top VCs, and it’s gearing up for their IDO on BSC Pad, sometime during the month of July.

To learn more about Glimpse plans, their IDO & their NFT-billboard stunt, join their community, or follow their Twitter!