20 Nov 2022 · 2 min read

Learn why Oryen Network could never fall victim to exchanges' manipulation, such as FTX and Crypto.com

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For months, a string of unfavorable events has been plaguing the cryptocurrency market. Another major player in the cryptocurrency industry, FTX, has filed for bankruptcy protection, revealing a brand new set of complications. The collapse is putting into question the reputation of Crypto.com and other exchanges and crypto projects. However, investors should have no qualms about putting their money into Oryen (ORY), the new reserve currency based on the Binance Smart Chain.

Oryen (ORY)

Oryen is a brand new DeFi project introducing a novel system for easy staking and passive income generation. With hourly interest rates that compound significantly over time, investors and crypto enthusiasts like Jim Crypto are buzzing with excitement, calling Oryen the next promising investment. Oryen Network's new reserve currency, the ORY token, is censorship-resistant and community-owned, enabling it to generate and distribute money more securely.

The protocol includes a Risk-Free Value wallet to help with the network's revolutionary Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT). The OAT system ensures that every token has built-in staking, and holders receive hourly payments of returns. ORY owners can earn up to 90% APY by simply keeping ORY in their wallets without needing to pool or stake it manually.

As an added incentive, the Oryen team is applying a dynamic presale model to reward early investors. As seen in the table below, the price of ORY increases every week while the presale bonus decreases.

Presale PhasePricePresale Bonus
Presale 2.1 (02, Nov — 09, Nov)$0.110%
Presale 2.2 (09, Nov — 16, Nov)$0.119%
Presale 2.3 (16, Nov — 23rd, Nov)$0.128%
Presale 2.4 (23, Nov — 02, Dec)$0.1257%

Investors who want to quickly generate passive income from their digital assets should take advantage of this groundbreaking currency and start to build their crypto portfolio.


The FTX central exchange was formed in 2019 by a group of successful traders unhappy with the lack of innovative ideas in the cryptocurrency futures market. FTX claims it is superior to similar platforms because of its safeguards against clawback, centralized collateral pool, and universal stablecoin settlement. In contrast, the recent failure of the platform has highlighted the significance of proof-of-reserves for centralized exchanges.


Crypto.com, which is also an exchange, has more than 50 million users from 90 different countries. With 250 digital assets, 100 trading pairs, and 20 fiat currencies, users can trade here on the spot, on margin, and in derivatives. A recent controversy involving Crypto.com stems from the discovery of a suspicious 320,000 Ether transfer to Gate.io. When asked about the transfer, Crypto.com's CEO said it was an accident and that they meant to move user funds to a new cold storage address.

The bottom line

ICO investors are optimistic about ORY despite concerns brought on by the FTX crash and Crypto.com's dubious transaction. The astronomical 120% price increase during the Oryen ICO is just the beginning. Early buyers of ORY tokens can benefit from further price increases and bonuses.

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