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LBLOCK Prepares for Lift Off as 1% Token Burn Approaches

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Lucky Block –  The Number One NFT Competition Platform (instagram.com/luckyblockcoin)

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All eyes are on Lucky Block right now as the launch of the burn program nears closer. On September 30th, a huge 1% of the total LBLOCK supply will be burned, dramatically increasing the scarcity of the token and potentially sending its value soaring.

What is Lucky Block?

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is a cryptocurrency project that provides users with a fair and friendly platform to enter prize draws using individually numbered NFTs that act as a ticket to a specific competition. Following the conclusion of a drawing, the NFT still provides the holder daily rewards from the prize pool, meaning that every Lucky Block NFT has both immediate and long-term value. 

Some of the top prizes available are completely life-changing. Lucky Block provides people the opportunity to win $1 million in Bitcoin or even a luxury home, making it perhaps the most exciting competition platform on the planet. 

The Burn Program

One of the most exciting upcoming events for the project is the Lucky Block burn program. Starting on September 30th, the team will burn 1% of the total LBLOCK supply each month. This could send the value of LBLOCK shooting up as the token’s scarcity increases drastically and investors scramble to stock up ahead of the highly anticipated V1 to V2 token bridge.

Lucky block burn program
Lucky Block Burn Program (instagram.com/luckyblockcoin)

With the burn program reducing the supply of LBLOCK by 1% each month, in just 1 year a total of 11.50% of the supply will be wiped out. While this would be a significant enough change to cause price movement on its own, when combined with Lucky Block’s centralized exchange (CEX) listing efforts as well as its sports marketing efforts, LBLOCK seems primed to explode. 

Lucky Block Price

During the past few days, the price of LBLOCK increased by just over 12.50% as a result of hype generated by the burn program and token bridge. With the asset still maintaining an impressive 4% growth rate over the past 3 days even after it retraced then retraced, it seems likely that the launch of the burn program and the token bridge could push the token up significantly.

lblock chart
LBLOCK/USD (CoinMarketCap)

Lucky Block has already been picking up traction as anticipation builds for the release of the burn program and the token bridge. Once both are fully released, it will likely shine a light on the Lucky Block ecosystem, potentially leading LBLOCK to take off and grow exponentially.

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