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LandRocker Presale’s Winning Combo Of P2E And Revenue Share – What Is $LRT Token

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

LandRocker Presale's Winning Combo Of P2E And Revenue Share - What Is $LRT Token

New P2E project LandRocker has raised more than $1.7 million in its presale.

Leveraging the winning combo of P2E and revenue-sharing, LandRocker is a unique game that combines NFTs and staking, creating an ecosystem that harmonizes play-to-earn and play-to-win to combat inflation while boosting player revenue.

LandRocker has already met its seed round target of $1.75 million and is now honing in on concluding round 2.

With the listing price of its native token – $LRT – already set, this project promises triple-digit returns for those who move in early.

What is LandRocker?

Space exploration has always been a favorite genre of video games for many. However, only a few of them have been successful in the blockchain space.

Built with the expertise of a 20-year-old tech company, LandRocker offers a unique P2E game that lets players take on thrilling space exploration and launch mining missions across galaxies.

Inside the “Planet of the Treasure” universe, LandRocker features a unique mining mechanism where players use rovers to mine resources from across the universe.

These resources include NFTs, crypto tokens, and crafting materials. While all of them are tradable, enterprising players can take advantage of the gameplay mechanics and use those materials to craft their own rovers and planets, compounding their earnings.

What lies inside the Gameplay of LandRocker? 

LandRocker features a dynamic gameplay with two modes. One is a 3D game, and another is a 2D web-based game.

The 2D game is a web-based game that lets players mine for resources with just a click. The 3D mode, however, will feature complete 3D environments with players controlling land rovers to navigate across the planet and mine for resources while fending off their attackers.

Overall, the game features multiple types of hunts, AI-generated planets, mining missions, and more, which are enough to keep players occupied. Here is a brief overview of LandRocker’s gameplay features:

Treasure Hunt

This mode will have players mine across the galaxy to mine high-value crypto tokens.

Resources Hunt

Crypto assets aren’t the only treasures out there. Hidden in the deep trenches of space are other materials and blueprints that will compound player earnings.

Martian Domination

LandRocker will also feature a multiplayer mode where players can collaborate as a team of four to conquer Mars and secure the fuel necessary to go on mining missions.

Survival Mode

LandRocker’s survival mode is for players itching to compete. They will battle using their crafted vehicles to outlast their opponents. The last man standing will be the ultimate victor, winning valuable materials as rewards.

Finders Keepers

In this mode, players will enjoy a dynamic treasure hunt where they will take their land rovers across the land in order to find $LRT tokens. It is a race against time with only one winner.

Interest in LandRocker is Already High Post Beta Launch

Since the project’s beta launch in December, the market is already talking about its offerings.

So far, almost 200k units of fuel have been earned, and over 16 million LRT tokens have been won. Players have already crafted over 1.6k NFTs so far, and more than 34 million blocks have been mined. This has been the conclusion of finishing almost 200k missions.

The game’s web-based nature has made it optimal for gameplay on both desktop and mobile devices. Moreover, this P2E gaming project also features AI-generated planets on which a player’s mission will drive income for other players who own the said planets.

LandRocker’s Blockchain Validation System: Its USP

What sets LandRocker apart from others with similar gameplay is the novel ‘Blockchain Validation System’. It protects players’ rewards by ensuring security, offering absolute transparency when it comes to rewards distribution, and making the rewards untraceable.

This system leverages smart contracts to hide rewards, ensuring that not even the developers are privy to where they are.

What is LRT?

Powering the LandRocker project is the $LRT token. This ERC-2o token offers multiple use cases, providing users with multiple earning opportunities that include:

Mining Rewards

Players can go on mining missions across planets as long as they have fuel. They can collect valuable NFTs, cryptos, materials, and blueprints to craft NFT vehicles or other objects. Players can either use these assets for gameplay or sell them on the marketplace for profit.

Staking Rewards

Players can stake their planets to earn passive income. They can also stake their $LRT tokens to provide liquidity for the ecosystem. Through staking, players will gain extra fuel and upgrades for their rovers.

A Look at LandRocker’s Tokenomics 

There are 10 billion tokens in total, out of which:

  1. 35% have been dedicated to P2E and staking
  2. 14% is meant for advisors and developers
  3. 12% is for the presale
  4. 11% for liquidity
  5. 10% for the team
  6. 10% for marketing
  7. 5% to seed round
  8. 3% is reserved

LandRocker has a Winning Formula that Combines P2E and Revenue Sharing

LandRocker has chosen unique fundamentals by providing a P2E ecosystem with a unique stance toward revenue sharing. Revenue is blockchain-hidden, as evidenced by the “finders keepers” game mode, and the gameplay focuses on fun and crypto mechanics.

In addition, the implementation of a Blockchain Validation System revolutionizes LandRocker’s gameplay and fosters a transparent ecosystem, putting players and developers on the same playing field.

LRT tokens are currently available at a discount price of $0.00085, and their listing price has been set to 0.001. It means that those who buy LRT early can get a 117.6% return on their investments.

Those interested can visit to learn more and participate in this project.

Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.