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KSTADIUM: 4x Transaction Increase Driven by Profit Growth in Investment Projects

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K STADIUM, a global DAO VC Platform, has recently recorded a transaction surge of more than 4 times. This is a continuous phenomenon as the transaction volume of existing and new users has increased dramatically, and the K STADIUM ecosystem is experiencing dynamic growth in the fourth quarter of 2023. The K STADIUM team attributes this trend in transactions to the anticipation of the first CEX listing on October 18, along with the recent value increase in project tokens that users received.

K STADIUM is a DAO VC platform on the web3.0 space, where individual investors can participate in Seed Rounds of promising projects. Users who invest have the opportunity to participate in the proposal and decision-making process for project investments. When an investment is approved, users receive project tokens at SeedRound prices, allocated according to their stake, providing individual investors with rights and profit opportunities similar to VCs. In addition, while other SeedRound investments typically take a long time to realize profits through trading, K STADIUM offers DeFi services through its own DEX (i.e. Atheneswap) that allows network participants to Swap, Single/Pair Staking, and Liquidity of project tokens received, and also allows users to maximize asset flexibility through ‘flux’, a liquidity solution service. The platform’s core value lies in allowing individuals to invest at institutional investor prices, leading to higher returns faster than the Public Round, which serves as a driving force for continuous user influx.

Increase in Token Profitability on Investment Projects

The K STADIUM team attributes the recent surge in K STADIUM’s transactions to an increase in the token value of investment projects. Platform users received tokens for the most recent investment in the Aggregator project, D’Light, and this DLT token was listed on KSTADIUM’s DEX (i.e. Atheneswap) and quickly increased in value by nearly threefold in just two weeks. This increase in value led to higher trading volumes among existing users and the influx of new users. The K STADIUM Team estimates that the foundation of DEX has been established with the entry of high-potential projects into the ecosystem starting in the first half of 2023. They anticipate that the Aggregator project, D.Light, will continue to lead this trend, expecting it to fulfill both user accessibility and convenience in the realm of DeFi.

Mainnet Official Launch and First CEX Listing 

KSTADIUM recently launched its official Mainnet, GroundChain, after passing an audit by Certik to ensure its safety. They are also about to first CEX listing of KSTA, the native coin of the mainnet. The CEX listing is scheduled for October 18th on LBank. The K STADIUM team expects these two aspects (i.e. mainnet official launch and CEX listing) will also be significant to attracting new users and increasing transactions.

In the midst of the extended crypto winter, K STADIUM’s growth momentum is particularly noteworthy. Looking ahead to CEX listings and the forthcoming release of additional DeFi services within the ecosystem, K STADIUM aims to provide users with accessibility, liquidity, and a wide range of trading options. K STADIUM also said that the benefits of embracing both DEX and CEX will continue this growth by connecting more investors to Crypto DAO VC, giving them the opportunity to contribute to and monetize investments in more quality web3.0 projects.

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